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This page is currently being actively developed. Revisit often!

Videos from PrayerBikers:

Welcome From Al Part A Welcome From Al Part B Simply The Best Man
Welcome From Al Welcome From Al Part B Simply The Best Harley Guy PrayerBiker
The Big Guy PrayerBiker Written In Chalk Lori And Alf John Abbott
The Big Guy Written In Chalk Lori And Alf John Abbott
Rapid Response Prayer Team PrayerBikers International Amazing Grace Big Burly Biker
Rapid Response Prayer PrayerBiker International Amazing Grace Scary Burly Bikers
PrayerBiker In The Wilderness Rocky Mountain Friends Riding Colorado Three PrayerBikers
PrayerBiker Wilderness

Mountain Friends

Riding Colorado Three PrayerBikers

If you have the adventure in you that you would drive into making a video for PrayerBiker, on ANY topic, get started!

We are forming this area of our PrayerBiker to provide articles and live video, to give PrayerBikers and visitors information and help. The following topics could be covered...

The following forum topic is a discussion area that is growing and will contribute to this area. Please read and contribute to the topic!

Some of the ideas for video and articles here include the following topics:

PrayerBiker Welcome and Introduction
PrayerBiker General Navigation Guide
PrayerBiker Events Guide
PrayerBiker Rapid Response Prayer Team
PrayerBiker Moderation and Help Guide
PrayerBiker Forum Guide
PrayerBiker Photos and Videos Guide
PrayerBiker Profiles
PrayerBiker Testimonials
PrayerBiker Searching for and connecting with friends
PrayerBiker Promoting and Sharing - We have now The Big Guy and John Abbot
PrayerBiker Other Ministries - Maybe Prison Ministry
PrayerBiker General Interest - Maybe crafts or hobbies you have
PrayerBiker Camp - How it could work
PrayerBiker Mascot - How it works
PrayerBiker Characters - Maybe a funny summary of a local PrayerBikers
PrayerBiker What Do I Think? Document or video your attitudes about various topics!

Note you do NOT have to be a video production specialist to make a video for this. An article (we also call it a blog) is an awesome thing to contribute!

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