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What is the PrayerBiker Mascot? It is a Christian flag with embroidered on it. It is not only a flag, in fact it was the beautiful thought of Phil, that through friendship and fellowship bonds us even deeper toward our love of Christ and the ride together in Christ's glorious name. It is important to understand that the Mascot itself is not what we love. We love what it means to us and how it represents and demonstrates the love and growth of our PrayerBiker Christian rider community.

The Mascot is an evolving product of our ideas and love. To scribe a name on this Mascot is an honor. It is a true testiment of our combined love, ministry and friendship.

Follow the Mascot discussions in the PrayerBiker Forum:

The Mascot will travel with members from place to place and participate in rides shared. The care of the Mascot will will pass from one member to another at before moving on, members present will each sign the Mascot and take photos to commemorate the event, which will further be uploaded to the site and be linked to this page.

Members participating are each encouraged to write a blog for the site about their experiences along the way, which will all be linked to this page. Members planning to participate in an event involving the Mascot are encouraged to discuss and plan the event in the forum, so that we can all can read and get excited about it. Soon rules for managing the Mascot will also be added to this page.

August 2009 - PrayerBiker Mascot signing at Cody, Wyoming USA!

Follow this link to Phil's Blog - Wyoming Meet & Greet


October 2009 - PrayerBiker Mascot signing at Hatfiled, Arkansas USA!

Also "The CMA Changing of the Colors"

Follow this link to Phil's Blog - Changing of The Colors


July 2011 - PrayerBiker Mascot signing at Lincolnton, North Carolina USA!

Photos... Mascot Rules

1. The Mascot can only be carried and passed to registered members of
2. It is recommended that the Mascot only be moved on a motorcycle.
Sorry, no planes, boats, mail or any other method of shipment can be used. Cars or trucks should only be used as a last resort to get the Mascot to a new location. The main idea of the Mascot is to encourage Meet & Greets.
3. All Prayerbikers are eligible to sign the Mascot. One signature per Member is allowed on the Mascot.
4. A photo or photos of the members involved in the ride should be submitted along with a story (a blog) and route the Mascot moved. Please submit these blogs directly to Also please contribute your adventures to the Mascot forum thread.

What is the Mascot?
The Mascot is basically a Christian flag that wanders around the country via members aboard motorcycles if possible. It\'s a way for our members to meet and greet each other. The point is to keep the Mascot moving as much as possible.

Where is the Mascot now? Start asking!!

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