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PrayerBiker members, Camp Meeting

PrayerBiker members, Camp Meeting
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Saturday, 12 February 2011
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  • where is this park at ?
    groups.wall 1657 days ago
    Beemer Here is where you can get all the info about the park.
    Cabin info below: days ago
  • See pictures in picture area. Since the big flood, the park has been re-done. They tell me the actual Shut-In's are unchanged. The camping facilities are on the other side of highway N, and about a mile away from this side (the day use area). The camping is on 5 "loops". The cabins do not look like they are fancy in any way. I will have to call to find out, but I bet that they don't have TV. The pavilions in the camping area have electricity, but we can not have a band there. There is a place we might be able to use for that if we get a band for the camp meeting. That's about all I know for now that has not already been posted. The store see grocery's, but not prepared foods. A snack bar sells hot dogs & chips. Closest restaurants are 10 or 12 miles away depending if you go North or South. You will probably want to bring food with you.
    groups.wall 1729 days ago
  • Wow, God is amazing, and that's an understatement. I have a God-experiance story from Minnisauk Falls. I'll try to post it as a blog later. This could be the culmination of a very long and profound set of events God set in motion some six years ago in my life.
    groups.wall 1796 days ago
  • I spoke on the phone with Jeff Ayres at Johnson Shut-in's State Park this morning, & got some more info. Cabins may be reserved as early at 6 months before the dates desired. If you wait until 3 mo. you will find they are already full!!! For those that wish to camp in a tent, you should be able to find places within walking distance of the cabins. Every camping loop as a covered pavilion. They are available on a first come first served basis. They are large enough for 4 tables + some space. We will be allowed to have a bonfire near one of the cabins. He also told me that if we were to have a group ride to Taum Sauk State Park, that he could arrange for a ranger to lead us (on foot) to Minnisauk falls. It looks like things are falling into place by the Grace of God!
    groups.wall 1796 days ago
  • Digitlghost; I love your idea about the 2 minute testimonies! Our time will be short. Many will be coming from a long distance, and may not show up until Sat. am. Also my experience with rallies has shown me that many will leave late Sat. night or very early Sun. morning. Basically I see us having mainly Sat. to do things with. Certainly we could have something Fri. night for those that are there. I thinking we may want to have our church service on Sat. night. Since you are from the area, how about us getting together to work on some ride locations in the area. I agree with everyone about Elephant rocks for sure. Lone Wolf knows a great BBQ joint in the area for Sat. lunch. Also if we are going to have a band, we need to check and see if there is a pavilion we can use (in case of rain for the band). Keep your ideas coming everybody!!!
    groups.wall 1846 days ago
  • Hey Al, the ride is 14 hrs 14 mins / 898.02 miles from Denver. That's do-able right? :D I think a planned ride to Elephant Rocks would be great - but I'm partial.
    groups.wall 1846 days ago
  • Dan
    The Band is a really good idea, and I love to have Praise and Worship time. Plus like Digitighost was saying, I also like to eat. maybe we could have a group ride and stop some place to eat as a group. also if I can get an idea of how many we are going to have may be I can get some small bibles to carry in your bike, and give every one that comes a bible. a group picture would be nice, so that we can post it here on the web site. it would also be nice if we had some one that could preach a message on sunday morning.
    I can ask our Pastor, he is coming with us.
    groups.wall 1848 days ago
  • Al
    I just added a link to this event in the description above, it will open the event details into a new page.

    So how many miles is this location from Denver Colorado?
    groups.wall 1848 days ago
  • I like the idea of live music Saturday. We could have a nice community meal and worship music.

    Having lived in the are where the rally will be I can say with confidence that there are MANY wonderful places to ride in that area. Depending how many attend, we could do both of your ride ideas. We could have a group ride that hits spots like Elephant rocks, and we could have self guided rides with route sheets. If we had a predetermined time and place for lunch everyone could just meet up regardless of if they are doing the group or self guided rides.

    I've participated in prayer walks, maybe we could plan a prayer ride? We could pick locations to ride to and pray. There are things such as schools, nursing homes, city halls, and Christian camps (Penuel comes to mind) that we could make stops at to pray.

    We could also hold session to do things like talk about 2 minute testimonies. We could share our testimonies and talk about how to develop an effective 2 minute testimony
    groups.wall 1848 days ago
  • What activities & things would you like to have at our first PrayerBiker Camp Meeting? If we can get a proper place at the park, I am hoping to have a live band bring praise & worship music Sat. evening. Does that sound alright with everyone? Would you like a guided group ride on Sat. or some self guided rides with route sheets? We need ideas! Thanx in advance for your input!
    groups.wall 1848 days ago


A PrayerBiker Camp Meeting  time has been set up for all to attend.


We are having our 1st, Annual PrayerBiker Camp  Meeting this coming year and we want all to be part of this Christian fellowship with us.

Do not miss our first Camp Meeting here at This is the start of an annual event that if God is willing we will have every year for years to come.

We will Worship together,  and Ride together,  Eat together,  and Fellowship together, set around the camp fire and share together, and have fun together,  all  for the purpose, of growing closer to our Father in Heaven and each other.

Go to( PrayerBiker Events) under (1st, Annual PrayerBikerCamp Meeting.) for all the info on this meeting.   YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT !!!

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