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I would like to see more activity on the forum. Does anybody have any ideas as to how to spark some activity there? I try to become friends with people as they join and send them a note to come and join us in the forum.
Discussion started by philt , on 1876 days ago
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I think there has been a noticeable increase of interest in the forum over the last few weeks or so. This has largely been because of Phil's efforts, but also I think partly because a month or so I made it so that forum activity was appearing on the main main of the site, which wasn't the case before. I think the Forum layout is good, the activity is good and there are constantly new topics being made, most of which get responses to. I'd like to see more Pastors get in there with their views and ideas. I think the interesting topics are going well. Like ones about sharing our views on the Bible, or on currrent events, or things people do to outrage Christians etc. This is all stuff that produces multiple page forum topics. Great going!!
1780 days ago
It's been great to see more people joining and to see more activity on the forum lately. We've had some great discussion and Al has been working hard keeping things working good on the website.
1780 days ago
This place is rocking. This site has had over 5000 unique hits in the last 4 days. That is a lot for a new site. I am trying to get a gadget that will display not just how many people are logged on, but how many visitors there are looking. At one moment yesterday we had 6 members online and 32 visitors! Let's ride that wave!
1870 days ago
Well, from what I can tell right now, the activity has picked up. Looks like we have several new active contributors to the forum topics and this is wonderful.

This is so much fun. !!
1871 days ago
I think what is being done is good. Now I think I have a way to add forum activity to the members points (that can be used as free money for shopping) the forum will naturally become more active. I think also the fact that when people visit the site they always see a couple of people already online is huge, the see it is alive and will want to be party of something so lively themselves and expand their own ministry and fun into it. They will want some of what we have! And there's plenty to go around!! I think the key is keeping the activity and messages going and vist whenever we can to interact.
1875 days ago
I know what you mean Phil. I've been telling people about the site but their interest doesn't perk up until I mention talking to CMAs across the country. Then they are like, ho-hum, no interest. I don't know. I've given Al some ideas for generating more ACTIVE members. He did come up with the points for purchases. That could help. Guess we can just keep working and pray that the Lord sees us through this slow time.
1876 days ago

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