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Prayer Requests

This is a good place to start with getting some prayer support together.
Discussion started by Al , on 2668 days ago
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If you look at the world today, thousandsof people of God are being killed, and killed for what they believe in.
and I for one Pray for those souls and for unsaved people in this world.
The world today is FULL of chaos and killing, people starting wars, Flood, famine, Hatred, violence, earth quakes, and major upheavel everywhere you look on this planet........I have studied alot of Books on this subject and also studied alot on the Book of Revelation......and in My eyes JESUS is coming soon...... and as i ask everyone i meet, and wear a t-shirt that says: Jesus is coming are YOU READY?
OH my heart aches for this world and all the people in it that do not know God, and His precious son JESUS......
I will just have to keep praying that as many come to Christ as God wants there.
and I pray that Prayerbiker helps those souls come to Christ EVEN if its ONE at a time....amen
1662 days ago
Two Sundays ago, as faithful Christian believers gathered at church in Baghdad to worship, Al-Qaeda attacked.
They took about 120 worshipers hostage, beat and killed three priests, and detonated explosives moments before Iraqi security forces stormed the church in a rescue attempt. At least 64 people, mostly worshippers ––including a 3-year-old–– were massacred and an estimated 300 wounded.
Unfortunately, it’s not over. Al-Qaeda’s Iraq splinter group, the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) who was responsible for the attack, just issued this statement:

"All Christian centers, organizations and institutions, leaders and followers, are legitimate targets for the mujahedeen wherever they can reach them.”

This is a chilling warning, and I would urge you today to please pray not only for those who were wounded, but for the many more Christians around the region who are being targeted.
2149 days ago
Please keep Craig in your prayers for healing. He had his surgery on Friday which was a little more than expected. He is back home now but recovery and pain are pretty intense.
2149 days ago
I am a memember of a ministry called KAIROS OUTSIDE. It ministers to women who have been impacted by incarceration, whether the mother, daughter or sister of an inmate/former inmate OR a former inmate themselves. We are having a retreat weekend October 1st-3rd, 2010. I would request that you all be in prayer for these women this weekend. If you would like, I have a prayer vigil sheet and you can agree to pray at specific times during the weekend. Per the vigil:

Kairos Outside #26, October 1st thru October 3rd, 2010.
Weekend Theme: I am the good shepherd John 10:11 & John 10:14

Prayer Request: One of the most powerful signs to Guests attending a Kairos Oustide Weekend is the gift of prayer offered by you,the outside community, during the Weekend. Each of your names will be placed on a prayer chart with the name of your institution/community. These charts will be available for the guests to know that every half hour of the Weekend someone is praying for them, especially at those times when we normally sleep. Each name is also written on a paper link to then create a prayer chain, which encircles the community room.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

For those interested in praying at specific times, I will write your name and PrayerBiker on the vigil sheet and make a prayer link for the chain. All I ask is that you pray for our Weekend as you feel led. The times start at 3pm, Friday, October 1st and are in 30 minute increments until 4 pm, Sunday, October 3rd. You may either post a reply here or message me with a time you wish to pray for these women.

Thank you in advance Prayer Bikers.
2277 days ago
i received this request from my pastor and told him i would pass it on I'm writing to ask ALL of you around the world to please pray immediately for Pastor Don Semple's nephew who was just struck by a car.......the boy is in a coma with a fractured skull and a broken leg........we have no further information...his Father was in Orlando at the time, but is flying home as I write to be with him......PLEASE pray for the family, and for this little one whom the Lord loves........Let's ask for a complete and total healing, and Peace for the family in this trying time.
the boys name is jason
2617 days ago
Please put Mason and Petey Rives on your prayer list. They have had a very bad week.

Petey almost fell in the shower on Sunday morning and twisted her back. She is still in a lot of pain. She is on muscle relaxers and pain meds. She will have a MRI done tomorrow at 2:00PM. Mason has been at home with her all week.

Thier grandson that lives with them is going through a really hard also. His girlfriend, had an automobile accident and killed her. He was on his way to the funeral home this afternoon when I talked to Petey. So they are having to help him through this. Somehow she missed a curve and he car went into water.

Thier granddaughters boyfriend had a motorcycle wreck this week that took his life.

So please pray for them and their grandchildren
2632 days ago

Please pray for 9-month-old Iyana Perez and her family.
Also, please pray for those assisting this family that they will find the strength needed to help this family through this.

I am at such a loss.

2644 days ago
Pray for the family of Marshawn Braxton.

Marshawn was with his youth group from First United Methodist Church of New Albany, MS in Costa Rica for a mission project. While traveling near the coast-line the group stopped for a view of the ocean. A group of 4 of them were standing on a rock near the water when a large wave came up and swept them away. Three of the four (2 youth and 1 adult) made it back to the shore safely, but Marshuan did not make it back to shore. They have yet to find his body and are assuming that he drowned.

Marshuan was going to be a Senior at New Albany High next year. He loved the Lord and was greatly respected by his peers. Also pray for their Student Minister, Amanda Gordon.
Paul Sizemore, FBC New Albany MS.

2656 days ago
Thanks Al. Didn't know if this was the place to put it. I also put something on the General Discussion about Herb Shreve, the founder of CMA.
2663 days ago
got this e-mail from a friend. Would you want to help?

A personal request I'm asking all my fellow veterans and bikers and other friends to take note of this request: Please send a Birthday Card or other appropriate card/letter to Sgt. David Thornhill Fort Sam Houston Fisher House 3623 George C. Beach Road Fort Sam Houston, Texas 78234 Sgt. Thornhill was injured in Iraq loosing both arms and both legs. He also sustained burns to over 50% of his body. He has been in the hospital for over two years, gets few visitors and his spirit is low. His birthday is coming up and the Chaplin thought it would be help if we could flood his room with cards and let him know how proud we are and wish him well. This information was received at the 1st District meeting for the American Legion held in Destin on 5/30/09. Please Pass this on to others in your groups/organizations.

Relationships require sacrifice!

Ask Jesus!
2664 days ago

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