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Discussion started by Al , on 2693 days ago
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In addition to Ben, please pray for our own PrayerBiker member, Stephanie Forbes "†Faith†", Her father, Larry Gwin, passed this morning about 7:15 in the state of Georgia. Also she requests prayer for her husband, Bob, for a safe ride back from Georgia as he is riding back on his bike.

A memorial service for Larry will be held on the 7th of may. Text for details if interested.

Also, let's continue in prayer for the total healing of the damaged nerve in her back.
1983 days ago
Please Pray for Ben Dasel.
Brenda (Ben's wife) has requested prayer for Ben. He had a couple of episodes Monday and Tuesday regarding his heart.

He is now in the hospital and is having a heart cath. Please keep Brenda, Ben and their family in your prayers.

They have requested no visitors during this time, but our prayers and cards will be of great encouragement.

Just received word that they will be doing a heart cath today sometime this afternoon or tonight. I will keep everyone updated as I find out.

Thank you all for being such great Prayer Warriors.

In Christ Love
1984 days ago
Hi warriors,
I have been in almost continual extreme pain from a damaged nerve in my back for almost a year. We put a spinal cord stimulator implant in a few weeks ago. It looked to be working but then ran into issues. The area of the generator implant is also quite painful. Please prayer for more courage and strength and faith to cope with this. Thank you!
God Bless,
2300 days ago
Dear Friends,

I am asking you all to say a special prayer for our brother and fellow Cross Road Rider, Curt Meyers and for his wife Debbie. Here is the latest report on Curt's condition, given to me by Debbie. Curt is not good at all. He's not responding and has been asleep all day. His breathing has been very labored. We gave him a couple of drugs from hospice to ease his breathing and they have helped some. Hospice hooked up a catheter today because he has no control over his bladder.

This has been very difficult for Debbie, who has been by his side constantly since this ordeal has began. Please pray that God would pour out special blessings on Debbie and see her through this difficult time.

Pray that God would comfort Curt as he goes through this all. We serve a mighty God who will be glorified. He is capable of anything! Pray for God to pour out his boundless Love, Grace and Mercy in this situation. Thank you all.
2306 days ago
Hello family!

I went tonight to visit two bikers who went down over the weekend. The first is Sergei Hnatkovych in St. John's Hospital in Springfield, MO. He is a young sport bike rider from the Ukraine. He seems angry but I did not talk with him. English is not good. Spoke a silent prayer after speaking with family who was leaving and left my card and a tract. Sergei crashed while running from the police in Branson.

The second is a young single father from Westminster, CO who is in Cox South in Springfield. John Reed is his name. He too is a sport bike rider and was here on vacation with family. He was receptive to visits and prayer. I left him my card and a CMA tract. If you cannot visit then please pray for healing and God's divine touch upon their lives. Give Him all the glory!

Kevin aka airportcop
2314 days ago
Still in prayer for Phil, prayers also for Ashley.
2337 days ago
Please pray for my daughter-in-law, Ashley Lineback. It appears that she may have had a stroke, as she has lost most of her feeling on her right side. She is only 35, and has a young daughter of her own!
2337 days ago
Phil's colonoscopy today revealed NO obstruction, so NO surgery. His kidneys seem to be improving. He hasn't been allowed to eat yet but that's ok:D He will be in the hospital over the weekend. Not sure about anything else. Phil says he feels better too. We've had some answered prayers here. Both our vehicles are broken but I'd be glad to walk to work every day if it meant that Phil could come back home.
Thanks for your help with the prayers.
Stacy Tolliver
2340 days ago
Subject: prayer request for Phil

RE: Phil from Stacy (wife)
This is a prayer request for Phil. Mark Shelton took Phil to the VA in Columbia for a regular visit and they've admitted him in this afternoon. He has been diagnosed with Acute Renal Failure, dehydration, pneumonia, heart failure and arthritis of the spine. They will rehydrate him while he waits to see a doctor later tonight. He's in room 405 and his room phone number is 573-814-6089. Pray that he starts to feel better and that the doctor has good news about his condition.
Stacy Tolliver
2343 days ago
Please pray for Becky Oliver & her husband Jim. Becky went into the emergency room about a week ago. The doctors were unable to determine what was wrong. Today the pain was back, and she went back into the hospital. Jim is the Chapter President of Broken Chains in Wentzville, Mo. We have our Seasons of Refreshing this weekend. He told me he probably won't be there, what with what is happening with Becky. Jim has been the Lord's instrument in reviving this chapter!!! I believe that Satan is attacking because he has been so effective for the Lord.
2396 days ago
I need prayer. My wife and I have been married for almost 11 years and have five children. I just got back from Iraq in March of 2009, since my return things have went down hill. We are split up and have been for the last three weeks. Please pray fot restoration of our marriage. I am now going thruogh an out-patiend PTS program through the VA.
2420 days ago
Ken Rich
Hi Everyone,

Robert Talugende, has been stricken with malaria. I received this message from his friend.

Robert has malaria and is feeling weak in his body, chest pain and a cough....Can you please please pray for him for healing....

In case you don't know, Robert is the driving force behind OWENDO, a charity in aid of the most vulnerable people in rural Uganda.

This is the latest in a series of difficulties Robert and the Owendo project has faced - it seems to draw strong opposition from the enemy.
Please keep Robert Talugende, and the Owendo project, in your prayers!

Pray that the Lord will heal him, and give him success, as he seeks to help the poor and vulnerable in his area.

Robert Talugende
P.O. Box 923 Jinja, Uganda, East Africa
Tel: + 256 434 130 034, +256 779 468001
2456 days ago
Gary is serving in Iraq while his young wife is fighting cancer here.
See his Request below.

Bobby S. Briggs, MSgt, USAF
Flight Sergeant

My name is Gary Hogman. Some of you receiving this know me, some do not.
My wife, Cindy, is 32 years old and has just been diagnosed with stage 4
Cervical cancer. Her chances for survival are very slim.

She was pregnant with our second child and had miscarried recently at 3
Months; and now we know why.
2480 days ago
Prayer Request: This is for an Area Rep for CMA in the Daytona area. He and his wife went down today on their bike. Please continue to petition the Great Physician. The doctor has told us that Joey's shoulder is destroyed and will need reconstr...uctive surgery and they are fighting to save his leg. They told us the femur is smashed and has come thru the leg. We are praying for a miracle in Jesus Name by D. Dawson
2555 days ago
This came from a man in my Sunday School class.
Shirley just talked to our sister in law (Betsy Hohenshell) that her daughter is about to lose her baby boy. She is 5 months and they are trying to wait till Monday to take the baby. She has been married 17 Years and this is her first child. If you can get this message to the class we would appreciate it. Her name is Laura Allen. Timing is critical.

Larry & Shirley
2584 days ago
That's awesome!
Children are SO worth it.
I'll be praying!
2612 days ago

Prayer Request
Yesterday at Sidewalk Sunday School one of our boys (8-9 years old) was upset and wanted to tell me (Duncan) something before we started. He told me that several people had shot up his house while trying to get his brother. He said that their furniture got "shot up". I couldn't make out all of the details, but that really doesn't matter.

This boy just started attending this year. His mother told me that after his first visit he came home very excited and that all he could talk about was Sidewalk Sunday School. She said he was telling her about the Bible lesson and about God. She told me that she had never seen him like that and that it was the first time that he had ever heard about God.

Wednesday when we visited their home one of his brothers met us outside, and from the conversations and threats of violence (not towards us) that we overheard others in their yard talking about, we knew something was going on.

Please pray for this kid and his family.

Thank you for your prayers,

Duncan & Elaine Prior
Promise Inner-City Ministries, Inc.
2612 days ago
Just got home fro the Mountainds and had this email awaiting me me and all of you! Just one of those God things that a Dr. can't explain. My Mom told me that right before Jaye went into surgery he said he thought that he could see better out of his eye and was showing my Aunt that he was breathing out of his nose and when the Dr. came in he was on the side with bad ear and he heard what he was saying. Of course they all were hopeful but was just not wanting to get there hopes to high. Well after a long day of surgery the Dr. came out and said he didn't have to take the eye, ear and the tumors in the nose area were small enough to get them with out taking the sinuses or the palate. The Dr. thinks he was able to get all the cancer and Jayes eye is going to be fine with just a small amount of blurriness. Just a bunch of reconstructive surgery to put him back together. PTL God is Good!!Amen Wideload
2683 days ago
This weekend, a couple in Vicksburg, Mississippi had a house fire that destroyed everything. Even more tragic than that, they also lost their two children, ages 4 and 2. The couple received major burns trying to get to the children but couldn't. The mother has been sedated since the fire. I am going to get the sizes of the couple some time today and will find out if there is an account for donations being set up. Keep this couple in your prayers and close to your heart. It's hard to lose a family member, but to lose a young child just tears my heart to pieces.
2687 days ago
I will keep Jaye in my prayer this week and hope that he suffers as little as possible, but heals as much as possible through the hands of his doctors and those of the our Lord.

I will also pray that Jaye's family and friends keep some sort of comfort and hope throughout his ordeal.

I hope that there are some folks in SC that can actually get in there and comfort his family on site.
2687 days ago
Hey Yall, got this emaild to me a few minutes ago. Im out of the area but would like prayer for this person. I dont personally know Jaye but God does. Wideload is friend a well as part of the Rapid Respons Prayer team here in S.C. Heres the email:

Jaye will be having his surgery on May 19 and 20 . Both days it will be for 10 hours. This will be done at MUSC. He has cancer in his head and it effects his eyes and ears. Please keep him in your prayers. We plan to go down there.

Please be in prayer for Jaye Joye this is my Cousin from down in Moncks Corner he is facing the battle of his life. My Mom told me that he will loose his ear,eye and most of his face in the surgeries. He has had cancer before and has made it through but as with cancer when it comes back most of the time it is worse and that is what has happened to him this time.
Thanks and God Bless you

John "Wideload" Foisey
Sumter S.C.
Glory Riders of Bethel Baptist Church
2687 days ago

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