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Rapid Response Prayer Team's DYNAMIC... POWERFUL... NEW>>> "Rapid Response System"

Christian Biker M/Cs and M/Ms along with members have teamed up and launched a new system which will bring the's idea of a Rapid Response Prayer Team into functioning reality.
A few of the M/M and M/C's already registered there include:
CMA, Armor Bearers, Cruzin' For Christ, Black Sheep, Tribe of Judah and an increasing number of other clubs in addition to several of us Charter Members.

Once we have enough prayer warriors "Road Warriors" (proper) who have applied, been screened and collected into the system, we will present our valuable system to national emergency networks and law enforcement groups to get the Rapid Response System listed on the socialservices lists.
Law enforcement agencies already provide lists of local services for victims and their family. Once we have enough warriors ready and listed in the system, we believe getting on those lists nationally will be a piece of cake.
There is a special group on the system named " Liaison" and we would LOVE to have you join the system from here and be a member of THAT group. When you do, and post in our forum, you give FREE advertising to Al and in addition to helping as a Prayer Partner with us. Rapid Response Prayer Team members here are Liaisons within the Rapid Response System. Sounds complicated? It isn't when you Just Do It! :)

To check it out for yourself, simply go to 


The Biker Down Ministry Rapid Response System is designed for making available a global team of Christian bikers who are willing to go to hospitals and minister to DOWNED BIKERS. Those injured in an accident, sick or just need a fellow biker to visit them in the hospital can now receive emergency help and prayer for themselves as well as their family members. (also emergency relief funds for those who qualify and as funds are available)

If you would like to be one of our visit ready Road Warriors on call to meet with downed bikers and their family at the hospital and do so as soon as possible after the biker went  down then you will want to fill out and submit the WARRIOR APPLICATION HERE:
Discussion started by AndrewMorgan , on 1294 days ago
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OOPS, Sorry about the triple post.. was editing to get it just perfect but forum won't allow me to delete my own wall posts.
1294 days ago
784 days ago "Sounds like good enthusiasm and outreach to me!" ~~Prayer Biker Al
1294 days ago
784 days ago "Sounds like good enthusiasm and outreach to me!" ~~Prayer Biker Al "
1294 days ago
784 days ago "Sounds like good enthusiasm and outreach to me!" ~~Prayer Biker Al
1294 days ago
@BlazinBlonde FYI, your comment didn't get past me.. I noticed it the day you posted it and prayed then and am now. I've been soooooo busy building this new dynamic system until posting on has been tough to fit in. On THAT note, you and others who are members of this Rapid Response Prayer Team can make this team MUCH more dynamic and active here by registering on the system created for it. See the description above for details. Once registered on the system, details can get passed back and forth from here to there and there to here, not to mention the dynamic BIKER DOWN ALERTS you get from the system :)
1294 days ago
Thanks for making yourself available on the system Big Bad. I enjoyed our phone chat. Be sure to RSVP to attend our new monthly Biker Down Ministry Members and Fans Conference Call. Details in the RRS Forum under EVENTS
1294 days ago
@Big Bad.... Thank you for your interest! Simply go to ....I an looking forward to processing your application..... Also, continued prayers over George Taylor from the other post below.
1301 days ago
Big bad
how do I apply?
1301 days ago
Lifting up a friend ~ George Taylor

Due to a bike incedent George is suffering from a broken neck and a broken foot. It really upsets me that shock trauma sent him home (he lives alone) because he lacks medical insurance. Please pray that Jesus is his care taker for as long as he needs it. I know he has his hand on this I feel every prayer lifted is a praise of faith to God.
Thank you,
Your sister in Christ
1882 days ago
Your welcome, & Thanx!
1906 days ago
Great feedback Beemer... State added:
1907 days ago
Andrew; I think it would be a good idea for our members to list the state as well as the towns where they will be serving. As I looked at the list, I have no idea what state some of the listed towns are in.
1909 days ago
Beemer, do you mean on ? Try there again and if you can't see how to post then that means I'll have to do a Facebook study. I see where fans of the page have posted and one said it wouldn't let him comment but post only. Look there once more and if you can't figure out how to post I will do a study and figure out what's up. Thanks for the patience and effort, we are gaining ground :)

1936 days ago
Andrew, I went to the page, but I don't see where I need to click in order to post.
1936 days ago
Praying :)

Will you please post this on the Biker Down Emergency Facebook Page?
1937 days ago
After 3 visits, I finally got to meet & pray with Tracy Tayler today. He continues to get better, & will probably get out of expensive care in the next few days. Praise the Lord! He even was Able to get up & walk a short distance in the hall today! Please continue to lift Tracy & his family up to the Lord in prayer. He has a long road ahead of him in his healing process.
1937 days ago
Lifting up Tracy and Kerri in prayer as this is typed! Come Holy Spirit and surround them both. Guide Tracy's doctors and nurses. Please bring rapid healing to all of the damaged cells in Tracy's body. Fill him o' Lord to overflowing and cover him with your healing grace. Please give Kerri strength and peace to be able to cope with the stress, fear and pain of this. We ask all of these things in Jesus Christ's name. Amen
1954 days ago
BIKER DOWN ALERT: Tracy Taylor is from Vienna Illinois and had a serious crash on Weds night after church. He was life flighted to Barnes Jewish with massive chest and head injuries. He is still in an induced coma. His wifes name is Kerri. They are both members of CMA. Please pray for them both. (Prayer Warrior Ned Lineback is being dispatched there in person by our system)
1955 days ago

Thank you for you service to these new Prayer Warriors on the system:

Pastor Neon Trembley (Trinity Riders C/M/C)
North Centeral Ohio

Frank Michael Woetko SR. (Bikers For Christ)
Bucyrus & Galion, Ohio

John Spengler (Coonpath Crusaders)
Lancaster & Columbus, Ohio

Tim Shafer (Armor Bearers)
Plymouth, South Weymouth & Brockton, MA

John Snook (Riders For Christ M/M)
Summerville, SC

William Lester (Bikers For Christ)
Glasgow, KY

Kenneth Dilbeck
Marion, Carbondale, Harrisburg, Murphysboro
ALSO Paducah, Kentucky

1958 days ago
List of Prayer Warriors on the new Rapid Response system as of May 10, 2011

Andrew Morgan (PrayerBiker & Logos Doulos M/M))
Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio

Brian Grossman (Catholic Cross Bearers)
Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA: Madigan Army Medical Center; Lakewood, WA: St. Clare Hospital; Tacoma, WA: Tacoma General Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital, Allenmore Hospital; Puyallup, WA: Good Samaritan Hospital

Bob Smith (Armor Bearer M/C)
Brockton, Stoughton, Plymouth, Weymouth

Butch Rode (Black Sheep)
Bryan, Montpelier, Toledo & Wauseon

Butch Rode (Black Sheep)
Angola, Fort Wayne & Auburn

Chris Fuhrer (PrayerBiker & Armor Bearer M/C)
Mansfield, Shelby, Galion

Dan Atwell (PrayerBiker & Cruzin For Christ)
North Carolina
Lincolnton, Mooresville, & Huntersville

Daniel Rose (Bloodline Of The King M/M)

David O`Neil (PrayerBiker & Armor Bearers M/C)`Neil_MA.php
Attleboro, Norwood, Quincy

David O`Neil (PrayerBiker & Armor Bearers M/C)`Neil_RI.php
Rhode Island
Woonsocket, Providence, and Pawtucket

Gary Kitchen (PrayerBiker & ArmorBearers M/C)
Columbus & Lancaster

Gary Tarter (Bloodline Of The King M/M)

Jerry Wrinkle (PrayerBiker & CMA)
Longview, Tyler

John Harris (Armor Bearers M/C)
Mansfield, Galion, Bucyrus, Shelby and Ashland

John Holt (PrayerBiker)

Mike Jarvis ( CMA )

Ned Lineback (PrayerBiker & CMA)
St. Louis County
St. Charles County
Lincoln County

Richard Herrera ( CMA )
Hamilton & Fairfield

Russell McQueen (PrayerBiker & New Covenant Riders Assoc)

Stephanie Forbes (PrayerBiker)
Hiawassee & Blairsville

Stephanie Forbes (PrayerBiker)
North Carolina
Murphy,NC & Franklin,NC

Ted GelinasWest (PrayerBiker & Armor Bearers M/C)

Tony Outhier (Covenant M/M)
Woodward, Enid, Oklahoma City
1968 days ago
Welcome Tyler & Longview Texas to the system with Jerry Wrinkle now active. Also welcome to Mike Jarvis for Milford, Ohio.
Here is complete list so far on the "Warriors By Name" page:
1985 days ago
Welcome Oregon to the Rapid Response System with Ted, PrayerBiker "Pops66" from Albany Oregon.
1987 days ago
Welcome the state of Washington to the Rapid Response System with Brian Grossman from Spanaway, WA. Brian is a member of Catholic Cross Bearers MM
1989 days ago
Hello to ALL warriors.
As being the National President of the ARMOR BEARERS M/C I have already activated 2 "Biker Down" emergency responses for fellow riders but also believers since this has been activated. This is a most powerful tool that can and will be in Advancement of God's Kingdom. There will come the time that you may be activated to a hospital that may be for a non-believer and the door has been opened by God for you to be there and share the love of Jesus to that individual. But, if you are not an active member in the emergency response list you may miss that opportunity.

I strongly encourage you to get signed up. Let God then send you where He needs you. Fulfill the "Great Commission".
2015 days ago
Welcome the state of Indiana to the Rapid Response System with Butch Rode from Bryan, Ohio. Butch is the President of Black Sheep Harley Davidsons for Christ
2015 days ago

I had worked on the warrior application form several days ago and apparently
my edit had rendered the form useless for a while, that is until jlw57 and Chaplain Hawk
messaged me pointing out the various problems.

Chaplain Hawk and I this morning got-er-dun

Sorry for the inconvenience and please post here any problems or questions you may
have in the future.
2058 days ago

Thanks for the heads up JTW!

Go try again now. be sure to REFRESH the page once there. This in order to clear the old one out of your machine and to load the corrected one.

I really appreciate you posting about this problem! I had edited the form yesterday, shifting the form fields around to make it better and obviously missed re-checking it before I published it.

Thanks again and I look forward to getting your application processed.

2059 days ago
I'm trying to sign up but the web site page entry boxs are not lining up right with the questions. I have entered everything but it will not let be send it. I put in my PrayerBiker user name and it keeps poping up with this, enter "none" if not a PrayerBiker member. Any suggestions?
2059 days ago

ATTN: Rapid Response Prayer Team Group Members who have NOT YET registered to the Rapid Response System

Here is a list of the current Prayer Warrior's in the form of their Rapid Response Contact Page links that you might see just how this works.

First though allow me to say that going from GROUP MEMBER here to active PRAYER WARRIOR there (on the actual system) an online application
must be filled out. Without filling out the application there is no way to be contacted by downed bikers, their family and there is no way for law enforcement officers and emergency medical teams to reach you in an actual event. Even if they knew of and came here they would have a hard time drilling down to find you, the one available in your area. THAT is why a SYSTEM was needed and why John Harris, Gary Kitchen of Armor Bearers MC and myself have developed this system.

PLEASE take the time to look at it, pretend you are a family member of a biker who JUST went down and you get a call from EMS or law enforcement letting you know your biker went down and while they are on the phone with you they tell you of a biker down support team ready to meet you at the hospital for prayer and other services of comfort. They give you the web site URL and you visit it and follow the directions to get a prayer warrior there NOW.

Go ahead! Check it out! It will only take a moment or two and then come back here and comment.

I will answer any questions or concerns you may have about the system, me or others involved and we can get you hooked up and serving your area in real time as a Rapid Response Prayer Warrior Team Member

Here is the list (which by the way can already be accessed from the home page with the link SEARCH BY NAME):

PrayerBiker Member: AndrewMorgan

PrayerBiker Member: Dan

David O'Neil NVP- Armor Bearers`Neil_MA.php

David O'Neil NVP- Armor Bearers`Neil_RI.php

PrayerBiker Member: Chaplain Hawk

PrayerBiker Member: Preacherman

PrayerBiker Member: Beemer

PrayerBiker Member: †Faith†

PrayerBiker Member: †Faith†

2066 days ago
*NEWS FLASH* The first CMA just made application this eve! :)

Welcome Beemer from MO to Rapid Response System
2067 days ago
[quote]the last person who joined hadn't done so until late yesterday.[/quote]

CORRECTION, that would actually be "the last person who joined was only moments ago" and the reason they hadn't joined yet was simply due to not having done it yet... well, until they did... join... when they did... AWWWW NUTS... you know what I mean!

BTW, welcome to you, Dave from Massachusetts, to the PRAYER WARRIORS available on the national rapid response system
2068 days ago
Someone sent me a private message suggesting that the most likely reason why a CMA hasn't yet signed up on the system is due to the existing organization's logos on the site... that CMA only allows their colors to be displayed on a website with written permission only.

I suspect the reason there is no CMA thus far is due to the rough newness and availability of the system. It has only been available for very few days not to mention that the last person who joined hadn't done so until late yesterday.

To avoid confusion allow me to clarify:

The colors shown on are shown at the request of the respective organization's Presidents and other foundational officers and so because those ministries are sharing the responsibilities of offering the system to the community.

CMA and its members are welcome to participate but it is not required by the injured biker community for a CMA or any other specific organization to be available for them in their time of need. CMA members are welcome to participate before CMA has given written permition for to place their logo on the site, if ever written permission is granted.

If an image is standing in anyone's way of ministering God's calling due to an image, may I refer to to the bible concerning images. If the reader does not know the book and verse, please ask and I will post it.

I pray my words are not too strong; I do not mean to offend; I only mean to speak the truth with power, love and sound mind.

Thank you for your attention!
2068 days ago
No CMA members on the system just YET Stephanie, but fully expect some soon!

2069 days ago
I do like the new banner. What about the CMA for organizations represented? I am not in CMA yet but are any of the rest of us? Thank you for all of the work you are doing. And it is a great job too.
2069 days ago
It's getting there! Like the new banner and discussion description?
2069 days ago
All done Stephanie!

The whole system has been upgraded and is ready.

The banner above is linked to the WARRIOR APPLICATION page.

For those who are already registered and listed as PRAYER WARRIORS
there is no need to fill out the application again but it is there for you
to see the upgrade.
2074 days ago
No worries Andrew. You can call me Faith or Steph. Name is Stephanie Faith Forbes. : ) I went ahead and filled out the form to be sure you have all the info you need to reach me. Most excellent job on this!! Thank you brother.
2077 days ago

Good night alll.. I gotta sleep an hour and go do a large tree job.

Click on the banner above and explore the site.... send some test prayer requests ( Texas and North Carolina only so far)

Steph, BlackTopGypsy and myself have Texas and North Carolina online and ready to populate with serious committed available to go prayer warriors.

IF you want to be an active warrior with this system then feel free to complete the WARRIOR APPLICATION located on the site

God blessed, Jesus Saves, I yield
2078 days ago
Steph I meant
2078 days ago
Thanks Faith! I am building the Warrior Application page now.... will let you know when it is complete.. about 3:am central time 30 mins from now
2078 days ago
I will be happy to have my emergency contact info available. Good job with this!
love in our Lord
2078 days ago
Sounds like good enthusiasm and outreach to me!
2079 days ago

Today and half of the night I have created the initial advanced system that would be required to drive a rapid response ministry successfully.

Such a system would need to be a stand alone system and the "group" for it here on would be simply for team member chat and collaboration.

With this advanced system all interested members of would enter the system and "adjust their settings" complete with their emergency contact info as well as selecting with a button their desired state, cities and hospitals the member wishes to be on call for.

When a non=PrayerBiker finds the system anywhere other than at, that person, should they have interest to serve, would be directed to join FIRST and then join the Rapid Response group. From there the official PrayerBiker/RapidResponseGroup Member would "adjust their settings" within the dynamic system.

If you will notice on the RRPT Group... There are only two of us who have identified the area we are willing to serve and those two areas are:
1> WACO by BlackTopGypsy
2> Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio area by me Andrew Morgan

NOTE: BOTH properly linked in this new active system I built.

CURRENTLY, with the only two of the 90 RRPT members who are ready and searchable by city in the site itself and now on my new system, if someone needed BlackTopGypsy to go to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco and needed him there in a hurry, brother downed biker would be left all alone because BlackTopGypsy has no name nor phone number available on his Profile (no offence Brother BlackTopG)...

On the other hand if someone searching for an immediate prayer visit to Central Texas Medical Center in San Marcos, TX or Georgetown Medical Center and somehow miraculous found me on the RRPT Group where I had posted my availability, they would find my name AND cell phone number (I already weed out spam calls so I can't use that as an excuse to not list my number) THAT IS IF.. IF someone happened to locate the group from having a need.

I know a way to make this one little idea you guys had on into a full blown, easy to get to, easy to hear about ministry, easy to use for the family needing it as well as all of us driving it.




Here is a Functioning static page version of the public request side of the system... what people in need would see... The SEARCH FUNCTION for finding and contacting a R.R.P.M. (rapid response prayer member)

When you go there, of the only current active city links in central Texas area, be sure to select WACO and see what happens compared to selecting any of the other cities like KYLE or San Marcos or San Antonio.

Building this system out in full as a dynamic data base driven system will not be hard to do but will require the eager support and encouragement of all current members. And Al too I would suppose.

Give me feed back guys n gals cause I am ALL in on this one if you all say go.



2079 days ago

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