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1st. annual PrayerBiker Camp Meeting

1st. annual PrayerBiker Camp Meeting
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Sep 21 at 01:00 PM - Sep 23 at 11:45 AM
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  • Restaurants in Lesterville include: Black River Restaurant & Motel, Paula's Home Cookin, & Ice Cream place. Closest gas is also in Lesterville or Pilot Knob!
    events.wall 1510 days ago
  • Restaurants in Pilot Knob include: Axtecas (Mexican), Baylee Joe's BBQ (where we plan to eat on the guided ride on Sat. for Lunch, Ft. Davidson Motel & Cafe, Subway, McDonalds, & Sonic
    events.wall 1510 days ago
  • The closest grocery store to Johnson Shut-ins is in Ironton, which is only a couple of miles South of Pilot Knob, or about 18 miles from the camp.
    events.wall 1510 days ago
  • I & a friend went to Johnson Shut-Ins State park a couple of weeks ago. While there I found out that the only food for sale there is in the "River Store" They had Hot Dogs, Pizza, Ice Cream novelties, Candy bars, & soft drinks and H2O for sale. The closest restaurants are in Lesterville & Pilot Knob. Lesterville is 9.3 miles to the South, & Pilot Knob is 16.4 miles to the North.
    events.wall 1510 days ago
  • had a great day at our Church under the Bridge, we had a Biker, who crahsed, went to hospital for 3 weeks, got out , and this Sunday am, surrendered his life !!!, Just awesome to watch this all play out, we visited the hospital, shared some biker t-shirts-bible and God worked it out ... Praise god and prayers for Danny, IN the Family now!
    events.wall 1540 days ago
  • I would love to attend this event. But there is so much vacation time and so much money to allow my ministry work. I am going to Sturgis, Tomahawk and Twister to do ministry work. God Bless your event.
    events.wall 1540 days ago
  • Al
    I am going to try and get to this. It would be that we would fly to St. Louis and rent a bike like ours. Where is the nearest place to rent a Harley?
    events.wall 1540 days ago
  • Al, I don't know where you got your numbers from, but here is the driving directions from MapQuest to get from the St. Louis Airport to Johnson Shut-in's State Park. ( this is probably the fastest way, but not the most scenic route)

    By the way, if the bike rental place you had in mind was Eagle Rider in St. Charles, Mo. they closed.

    Suggested Routes
    US-67 S
    1 hour 48 mins / 96.16 miles
    I-55 S
    2 hrs 5 mins / 110.52 miles
    Or you can adjust your route by Dragging the Route Line
    Driving Directions
    Lambert-Saint Louis International Airport (STL)
    10701 Lambert International Bl, St Louis, MO 63145
    (314) 426-8000 | website
    Add a Note
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    Not what you were looking for?

    Online Offers:

    Motels in St Louis

    1.Start out going northwest on Lambert International Blvd toward Natural Bridge Rd.
    0.3 mi
    2.Turn right onto Lambert International Blvd/Natural Bridge Rd.
    0.5 mi
    3.Merge onto I-70 W via the ramp on the left.

    If you reach Cypress Rd you've gone about 0.4 miles too far

    2.9 mi
    4.Merge onto I-270 S via EXIT 232B-A toward Memphis.
    20.0 mi
    5.Merge onto I-55 S via EXIT 1A toward Memphis.
    22.5 mi
    6.Merge onto US-67 S via EXIT 174B toward Bonne Terre/Farmington.
    30.0 mi
    7.Take the MO-32 W ramp toward Leadington/Park Hills.
    0.3 mi
    8.Turn right onto US-67-BR N/MO-32 W. Continue to follow MO-32 W.

    If you reach US-67 S you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    10.4 mi
    9.Turn left onto MO-N/Cedar St. Continue to follow MO-N.

    MO-N is just past Spruce Ave
    If you reach E Main St you've gone a little too far

    8.9 mi
    10.Turn sharp left onto Middlebrook Rd/County Road 32.

    Middlebrook Rd is 0.5 miles past County Road 32A
    If you reach Slaughterhouse Rd you've gone about 0.2 miles too far

    0.4 mi
    11.148 TAUM SAUK TRL.

    If you reach Radford Rd you've gone a little too far

    Johnson Shut-Ins State Park
    148 Taum Sauk Trl, Middle Brook, MO 63656
    (573) 546-2450
    events.wall 1789 days ago
  • Al
    It looks like Monterrey is about 60 miles from St. Louis. I would like to come along to this, but for me there is a lot of factors to consider, like everyone else I am sure, especially with work. The great thing with this is that Beemer has really helped with this idea by getting the planning started so soon ahead. From Denver it would be a 900plus mile ride, as much as I would love the road trip, I think it would end up having me out of work a week all up, but I can also get flights direct from Denver to St. Louis and what d'ya know, there is a HD rental place in St. Louis!! So it is definitely possible, I am sure I could rent a nice 2012 Ultra for the weekend. So maybe some other folks can start thinking like this too! A nice weekend away with the wife or family and even alone, since we all know we are never really alone anyway! I will keep looking at it.
    events.wall 1789 days ago
  • My bad on rejecting the invite, I did not even notice that the date is for next year. I will try to make this one, I need to start saving back at least 6 months in advance, maybe more. This is not a promise, but I will do everything I can to make this event.

    God Bless All,
    events.wall 1838 days ago
  • I would like to have made this one. But have not gotten back on my bike yet and just can't afford it. I will, however, try to make next year's event. Will it be in the same area?
    events.wall 1838 days ago
  • We will miss you Chippawop!
    events.wall 1841 days ago

When: Sept. 21-23, 2012
Where: Johnson Shut-In's State Park in the Missouri Ozarks (Near Monterey, Mo.)
GPS = 15690214E / 4158030N

This is open to all PrayerBikers, friends, visitors, & guests. The idea is to have a time to get together with the people we "talk to" on PB, & have a time to really get to know one another. Also to have some fun in a beautiful part of the country that has things to do & see, including GREAT motorcycle riding roads! BE SURE TO BRING YOUR SWIMSUIT!


Primitive Camping in Group section (4) = $2.00 per person per night Max 3 tents per site w/max of 6 people per site.
Other area in park sites with Electricity = $21.00 per person per night
site with electricty & H2O = $23.00 per
site with electricty, H2O, & sewer = $26.00 per
Cabin with 2 queen beds, 1 counch pull out sleeps 2 $75.00 per min 2 nights

Dan is setting up a topic in the forums for discussion about the event. We hope you will tell us what you would like to see & do at this event. Some ideas include a worship service on either Sat. night, or Sun morning. Guided or self guided rides, Christian band, ministry opportunities, etc. LET US KNOW!!!

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Lesterville, MO 63654, USA

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