God's Freedom Rally

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coreenleann on Mar 22, 2012
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I received an email invitation this morning and it really got me thinking.  Why is it that we seem to need a specific time and place to be the people that God has called us to be?  As Christians, we should start every day with the same excitement and hope of Christ-centered results as if we were attending a big rally! I’ve copied the email below, and I’ve made a few adjustments and comments.  I pray that this will prick your heart as it did mine.

From: Father, Son and Spirit
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 4:24 PM
Subject: God’s Freedom Rally

  Please forward to all Christians everywhereChapters and members:

 The FREEDOM OF THE ROAD RIDERS  (FORR) Father, Son, and Spirit have a rally in Buckhorn, MO your town, every day of each year on Memorial Day

 For years, CMAChristianshas have been working very hard at this rally.  Please pray and see where God would like you to participate in this ministry.  It varies in many areas, but our colorsattitudes speak volumes - including:

 ·         Hospitality area – munchies, coffee, tracts - Are you hospitable to the world, drawing them close to you, or do you push them away hoping someone else will take the time to minister to them?


·         First Aid - How often do you stop to help the hurting?

·         Restroom supply baskets in each restroom/shower - Do you make yourself available for the jobs that nobody wants?

·         Tractor driver - Do you lead people to their destination, or just let them wander to find their own way?

·         Trailer rider/helpers – Do you disciple others so that they can become tractor drivers also?

·         Sunday Service on stage - Do you attend and support your local church regularly?

·         Music on stage Sunday morning - Do you publically praise God for His blessings, both in church and out?

·         Hand out tracts/Bibles during Sunday service - Do you actively participate in your local church?  They need you!

·         Bike blessing teams – Are you known as “the person who will pray for me?”  Bikers seek out people to bless their bikes, is anyone looking for you for prayer?

·         Prayer walkers – who do this in ‘Sniper’ mode - Do you pray for your co-workers or people you pass by in the mall or grocery store?

·         Hog Roast meal a chapter prepares and serves to many - When was the last time you served at a homeless shelter or other help for the needy?

·         Playing in the bike games & riding in poker run - Do you befriend the lost and spend time with them, or are they alienated because they may not be a “good influence”?

·         Tourism – walk around admiring bikes, camps, and talking – pray w/ folks if asked to - How often to you work a street ministry?  Do you talk with people walking by?  Do you make the first gesture of kindness? 

·         Traffic directing – if needed in the parking, trailer riding part of rally - How often do you point people in the direction of their local church (or yours)?     

·         We prefer not be in the security jobs - Do you walk around and notice only what others are doing wrong?

·         Homebound Prayer Warriors who pray for those out in the field - Do you lift your brothers and sisters in prayer DAILY?  Each of us is on a battle-field.  We all need prayer!

 If you are interested and have any questions, please call or e-mail.  We will do our best to help you in the area that God has set up for you to work. 

 Jesus’ Love Rocks!

 For a weekend rally we jump at the chance - why don’t we do it every day?  I challenge you to review the open positions, schedule a shift - then give it all you've got!!!