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  • The best is yet to come

    harleygirl925 on Mar 12, 2013
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    Hi to all you fellow biker guys and girls,
    I am so happy to have stumbled onto this site by Gods grace.  I was just going about my everyday routine, studying for a test or something (I'm a student trying to finish my AA to go into Nursing) and was having a major anxiety attack.  I was praying for God to show me what I needed to do to make my marriage stronger and more secure, and low and behold the buisness card that my husband picked up at the 2013 Easyrider Bike show in Sacramento literally caught my attention out of no where!!  I hadn't seen it before, and we've been going through a really rough patch, as all couples do, and right away I went onto the site, signed my husband up as a new member, then added myself as one , because I felt called to do so. 
    It was such a huge boost for me, to find a site that my husband could surf and find new friends, friends who really care about him, us, and what we all go through in this journey called life.  The ups, the downs, the messes and the good times too.  Life is hard enough to go through it alone, but when you can pray and ask God to bring peace in your heart, and really stop spinning out of control, His mercy comes to rescue you from the pit of despair.  I have been in that pit of despair, as well as my husband, and we are working hard to recover from a painful separation, so anyone who is reading this I want you to know that God is real, He cares for you and what you are going through.  He will never let you down, though life may drop you on your head sometimes, but that's just because we make big goofs of ourselves and He needs to straighten us out once in awhile. 
    I hope this brings you peace reading my blog, and I have more to say, but for now, I will just say God is good, and when you feel alone, and abandoned just call on Him, and reach out to the one who made you.  He is a loving and compassionate Father, one who knows you from the inside out, and can heal all your wounds from past miseries.  God Bless!!!

  • testamony of Big Bad

    Big bad on Feb 28, 2013
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    My journey to Hell and back,


    For me to say that I have been through some changes in my life would be a great understatement. I never thought that I would be where I am at in my life, married with children, sober and clean, and I also have become what I hated the most ... let’s go back a few years and let me clarify on this.

    I did not come from a close family; in fact I never had a relationship with my siblings except for my sister Donna. My other 2 sisters and my 2 brothers I have never related with (one of my brothers I never meet before he died in the mid 90's). We all went our own ways. One sister converted to Judaism one became a Christian, then there was me. I came along very late in my parent’s life; it was hard for them to deal with having a baby in their mid to late 40's. My father worked nights and my mother went to school at night to be a nurse, after she was out of school she worked nights for several years but even when she was home she was distant, and when dad was home I lived in fear of him and his fist.

    Feeling like I was alone in the world at an early age left a hole in my life, and when I reached my early teens I searched for ways to fill the hole. I was an outsider in school and never had any close friends. Suicidal thoughts came weekly for me and during the really hard times they came daily. That is when I turned to witchcraft and paganism. I needed to feel like I was in control. It gave me a sense of power when everyone in my school became scared of me, and even some of the teachers would back down from me after they found out that I was in the occult. I realized it was that fear that kept them from picking on me anymore.

    I started to meet other pagans and was invited to rituals and gatherings. I was welcomed in to their sub-culture. I learned to embrace Satan and hate God as well as Christians and Jews. I had older pagans take me in as their child and I even called them Momma Dee and Papa Larry. They taught me how to lead a ritual, and become a pagan priest. They also taught me how to use drugs and homemade alcohol in rituals (both of which I was already a great fan of). Finally, I thought I had family and friends that cared for me.

    I quickly climbed up the pagan social ladder. I took a job running an occult book and supply store; I started holding public rituals, hosted a weekly pagan discussion group, and helped organize some of the largest pagan gatherings and festivals in America every year. In just a few short years I was a big wig so to speak in the mid-west pagan community. I started to have people fly in from overseas to attend my festivals and gatherings. International pagan leaders and authors would come out to be guest speakers and teach classes for the festivals that I was organizing.

    With all of this the hole in my life grew bigger, therefore my hunger for power grew bigger, and my hatred towards God started to consume me. To feed all of this I started to train people on how to fight. I was ready for war on Christianity. I blamed all the problems in my life on Christians and I was determine to make them feel the way that I felt as a child... scared, and I did not care who got hurt along the way.

    The coven (pagan version of a congregation) I belonged to mostly shared my distaste for God but did not share my extreme and radical ideals. That's when I started to form my own coven; I called it The Brotherhood of the Fallen. It was formed to be a very militant satanic coven. As I am sure you can guess it was named that in honor of the fallen angel Lucifer. I had convinced myself that I was to be the catalyst to start a war on Christianity. This gave me a bigger sense of power, and even a bigger hole in my life. Looking back on it now I don’t think I was ever to far from being a story on the nightly news.

    Of course all of my life I had people try to witness to me. This was never received well by me. I learned just enough of the Bible to argue and try to twist what the Bible said to not only defend myself but to try to make others question their faith. The last thing I wanted to hear was that God loved me. Love was something that I held as a fallacy. I couldn't love anyone or even myself so how could I expect God to love me. I was convinced that if God was real that he had to hate me as much as I hated him.

    In the summer of 2005 I meet a man at Wal-Mart wear I was working at the time, and we started to become friends. One day after work we were hanging out in the parking lot sitting on the tail gate of my truck and even though I don't remember how the conversion started we started to talk about our religious beliefs. I started to think to myself here we go; another lecture about brim stone and fire; but Glenn never made me feel uncomfortable. He never told me that I was going to go to hell, he never told me I was following a foolish path, and he was never pushy or confrontational towards me. And he listened to me; but he did share his beliefs with me. So I would talk to him about it and listen to what he had to say.

     I wish I could tell you that he spoke with some great wisdom that opened my eyes and heart, or that he told me a story about how he was saved that made me realize that it was possible for me to be saved also, but I can't. To be honest I can’t remember a word he said about God, but it wasn't his words that got to me. It was the passion that he spoke with, the love that you could see that he felt, and the concern for me that I saw in his eyes. I think it was his concern for me that got me the most. It puzzled me that this enemy, this Christian, this guy that before that day I hardly knew his name, cared.

     I didn't accept Jesus that day. And about a week later Glenn left Wal-Mart. However he did make me start to think about things in a different way. After a month I had stopped leading rituals, and a few months after that I had stopped going to rituals. I had decided that I needed some time to sort things out. I had told my pagan friends that I was taking a vacation from leading a coven (which is common and wasn't questioned on why).

    A year after that conversation I was still working at Wal-mart but I had transferred to over nights working on the floor maintenance crew and I had made the biggest decision in my life. In a small, dirty, and downright smelly mop closet that was covered in mold and mildew in the back room of Wal-Mart I asked Jesus to come in to my life, and accepted Him as my savior.

     I was living in a pagan house hold at the time, and when my roommates found out about my conversion they kicked me to the street and broke all my belongings, even killed my dog. Subtle threats came and went, at one time they had came in to where I was living and placed warning symbols in my backpack. I still felt that I had made the right decision. God taught me first how to love myself, then others. He gave me the strength to start to forgive my parents and my former roommates.

    About 6 months went by after that night in the mop closet I got baptized on October 30th. Personally I love the fact that I got baptized on the eve of the highest pagan holiday. I have seen my Father cry two times in my life, once was in 1993 when my oldest sister Donna passed away, the other was as I was being baptized. He told me that my mother and he had been praying for me for years and that I had no idea how many people and for how many years had been praying for this day to happen.

    Since then God has blessed me with a wonderful wife, and an amazing son and daughter. I'm not saying that my life is perfect by any means. I have lived in such darkness for so long and with such negativity that I struggle with anger. God has blessed me with a wife that is understanding and willing to help me work through my issues with my anger. I know I still have a long road ahead of me. And I know that God had forgiven me for my past. One thing I have learned over the last few years is that the hardest person to forgive is yourself. I know that as long as I give in to this spirit of anger that I carry the tighter it will grip me. But I do know that I no longer have to struggle through this alone.




    Matthew 28:20 and teach them to obey everything I have commanded of you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. (Today’s new international version)


  • Camp Meeting 9-21-23, 2012

    Beemer on Sep 26, 2012
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    I arrived at Johnson Shut-In's State Park first, & set up a registration station at a outside pavillion.  About an hour latter, Dan, Dan, & Randy arrived.  I had a form already set up in Excel on my laptop to record everyones information.  I also gave each at registration packet. The packets included a tentative schedule of events, a very small flash light, an ink pen, some candy, a Missouri state map, etc.  They went to their cabin to upload their bikes ( I had done that earlier).  Latter we went to dinner at Bailey Joes BBQ in Ironton.  Great food there!  We then rode back to the camp at a reduced speed keeping a sharp eye out for deer & other animals.

    The Next morning, we met up outside our cabins.  The plan was to ride over to the other side of the park to the trail that leads down to the actual Shut-In's, and walk down there as a group.  However, Dan A's bike would not start.  Seems he left his key on & made the battery weak.  The Lord had our cabins & parking up a hill, so we pushed him & Dan pop started his bike.  However, we did not think it would be a good idea to ride less than 5 min. & shut it off while we walked to the Shut-In's.  So we decided we would just head out on our ride.  We had a choice of 2 rides that were laid out.  A short one of about 50 or 60 miles, or a longer one that included going to Big Spring National Park in Van Buren, Mo.  Because the guys from North Carolina had ridden quite a distance to get there, & had to return on Sunday, we elected to take the shorter ride.

    First stop on the ride was for Dan A to get gas.  We stopped in Lesterville, Mo. at the only gas station there.  The lot was gravel, & a sign on the pumps said "cash only".  Dan decided he would rather get his gas elsewhere for fear they may be water in the gas!

    Hiway 21 in this area has a lot of twists & turns, & the area is quite hilly.  Our next stop was in Taum Sauk state park at the overlook.  We had to ride on gravel for about a mile of so to get there.  Here we ran into a number of Boy Scouts & their leaders getting ready to head out on the Taum Sauk Trail.  We took some pictures, as well as taking advantage of having cell phone service there to make some calls.  At this time I got a call from LoneWolf, that he was at the Shut-In's looking for us, & discovered we had left early (because of Dan's dead battery).  I asked him to meet us in Ironton at the Mexican resturant for lunch.  We rode about a mile back the way we came in to the pavement, & took a side drive to the fire tower.  We climbed the tower, but some of the guys were afraid of it.  There was a sign on it that said that it may be climbed at our own risk, & that only 5 or less at one time.   We took a lot of pictures, & had a lot of laughs there. 

    Next stop was in Ironton for lunch.  LoneWolf beat us therre, & had a table waiting for us. We had a good meal & better fellowship.  From there, LoneWolf lead us North to Elephant Rocks State Park.  I must say, that our North Carolina Gang became little boys there.  Climbing all over the rocks, & discovering the various passageways between the boulders, & the tunnels that are formed.  Again many pictures were taken.  In the parking lot we got a picture of all of us in one picture, & then we had to say goodbye to LoneWolf, who had to get back to helping his wife move into their new house.  


    The rest of us headed back to the Shut-In's, and now we walked the trail to them.  More pictures taken, & the guys found a Timber Rattle Snake!  Yes they got a picture of it.  After that we decided we might as well head back to town for dinner.  We ate at a restruant across the street from Ft. Davidson, the location of a small battle in the Civil War (that was when the Yankees can down South & fought with the Americans).  Again more great fellowship as we broke bread together.  We had another slow ride back to camp in the dark, & then we had Dan sign the PrayerBiker mascot in my cabin.  The plan was to have a church service this evening, but DigitalGhost who was going to bring the message called & said that he could not come, as his daughter was sick, & he needed to tend to her.  We did pray together before turning in

    The next morning, everybody got up early, packed & headed for home.  In my case, I decided to take the long ride we did not take on Saturday before heading North to my home.  The route I have posted in the Show-Me PrayerBikers group area under the topic of suggested rides.  While on this ride at 10:30am, I started looking for a church to attend worship service.  As I entered Eminence, I went to the first one I saw.  It was First Baptist Church of Eminence.  I took a seat in the 4th pew, with my CMA colors on.  Soon a man came up to me & introduced himself as Carl Mahan (a member of Bikers for Christ).  He is a member there, & sat with me.  talk about being made to feel welcome!  After church, he invited me to go home with him to have lunch with him & his wife Kathy.  We did that, & had a great homemade lunch.  After that they both rode their bikes with me, & led me to rocky falls park, & then to Big Spring National Park.  More pictures taken of course (which are posted here on PrayerBiker).  They rode North with me as far as Ellington, Mo. before heading back to their home, but not before inviting me to come visit & stay at their home sometime!  From here I continued following the route that had been planned, until I got back to the road leading back into Johnson Shut-In's.  From there I took back roads nearly all the way home.  What a blessed weekend!!!  Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My Testimony Boston "Big Dog" Jack

    Boston Jack on May 09, 2012
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      My Testimony
         Boston “Big Dog” Jack

        I grew up in what I thought was a normal household, the oldest of four.  I always tested my parents as I tried to go with the latest trends of the 60’s and early 70’s.  Looking back, I see I wasn’t the easiest child to raise.  Thank the good Lord that my siblings learned from my mistakes.
        Motorcycles were a big part of our lives as two cousins owned their own dealerships and my Dad was a “biker,” but he corrected everyone by saying he was a “motorcycle enthusiast.”  At that time he was cruising on a 68 Bonneville with straight pipes.
        Saturday mornings were usually cartoons unless the garden needed weeding or the grass cut, and Sundays were the “Davey and Goliath” cartoon and then off to catch the Sunday School Bus.  Man, I’m telling you that thing came every Sunday during the year without the nine weeks vacation that you got from regular school!  No holidays, no nothing!  I grew to hate it, saying things like “God! Don’t you know that I have other things to do? Like hanging out with Rocky?” (Best friend).
        At the ripe old age of 17, about to graduate and having listened to my Dad always talking up the Navy, I did my next rebellious thing and put my signature on the Army’s entrance form.  I couldn’t wait to get out of that house and needed to do so by continuing to rebel!  I hated being forced to go to church, weed a garden, say "yes sir", "no ma’am"; I was going to be free and nobody was going to tell me what to do anymore.  Boy, was I in for a surprise between Basic Training and AIT, and drill sergeants fresh out of Viet Nam!
        For the next 30 years I gained and failed at most everything I did.  I gained being the father of three great children, but failed at being their Dad.  I gained two great women, but failed at being their husband.  I gained status in a club and unions, but in the end failed to meet their financial needs.
        Buying, selling and doing drugs became my norm.  Alcoholism set in and when it did I was on great highs but it came with great lows.  Extreme moodiness set in. A smile could get you a hug, or a smile could be taken the wrong way and get you something else… I couldn’t make and keep friends, but had some to stick around because of my knowledge of getting back at others.  I was locked up many times and had no respect for cops.  I was charged many times for assault, assault and battery with a deadly weapon, property damage etc..
        It was time for a change.  I wanted to quit this life and take another road, or at least another path.  I wasn’t doing anybody any good where I was at, so I left and traveled 1600 miles away from that life and lifestyle; not because I was about to be owned by a club or thrown out by another wife, but because I had enough and wanted to quit.
        I moved to the south and put on a great show.  I rented an internet friend's house which lasted two days because the electrical wiring was all jury rigged and I couldn’t get power.  Another friend, a friend of Jesus, offered a spare bedroom to me until I got situated; which I gladly accepted.  This person had friends who asked him: “how do you know this guy isn’t on America’s Most Wanted?”  I ended up finding another place but the alcoholism followed as did the type of people I was attracted to and those who were attracted to me.
        It was time for another change!  I wanted to attract white collar women, get away from the biker world and lifestyle so I gave up the t-shirts for polo shirts, cut off my pony tail and donated it to Locks of Love, signed myself into rehab, and, I wish I could say that the rest is history... but it’s not.
        Changing my clothes, sobering up and looking presentable worked to get me a beautiful woman who tried very hard to put Christ back into my life.  I would attend church “with her” just to please her.  I had asked her to marry me on several occasions but she wanted a five year engagement (blowing me off?).  Six months ago she heard of this thing called “Church In The Wind” where you ride your motorcycle in and it is your pew.  This would introduce me to Pastor T.  I thought it sounded fun and would give it a shot (for her anyways).
        Riding my (our) bike into a church the first time was pretty cool.  I never listened to Christian rock before, but the band played awesome.  What caught my attention was this pastor who didn’t get up on stage to preach or threaten fire and brimstone, but took a couple of scriptures from the Bible and explained them in laymen’s or bikers terms.  Over the next couple of weeks we became internet friends and I learned he wasn’t perfect as he doesn’t proclaim any perfection; I learned he was “human” but was humble in his abilities.
        This Bike Church thing wasn’t but once a month and on the morning of the second one, my girl wasn’t feeling too good.  I told her that she could stay in bed and we would skip it.  My thinking was the first service was great and there’s no way the second could top it and it would get me out of church again.  Well, she climbed out of bed and we were headed to church and that second service blew the first away.  I was at the least, impressed.
        The next week was going by and Pastor T called and said he was going to the regular Sunday service and would I come along.  First words out of my mouth were “I’d like to but Deb is working” and he said “so?”  I reluctantly went; the first time in my adult life to a church, not trying to impress a girl, but still not going for myself.  It wasn’t too bad.  The pastor did a great job, as did the band.  Over the next week we got together and talked, one on one and straight up.  He found out I was a sinner and I found out that’s he’s human and is capable of making mistakes.  Far from that perfect pedestal or pulpit that I envisioned all Rabbi’s, Pastor’s, Minister’s and Priest’s stand on.  I was learning that all I had to do was follow those footsteps in the sand a little bit further each day, and if I lost sight of them, then backtrack till I found them again.  Some days we take three steps forward and have to take four steps back, but at the end of the week if we have only gained two steps we are doing great!
        Hanging out with some of the others in the Ministry between the Sunday services I saw happiness.  I saw a team all striving to see that everyone else receives some of that happiness, and I wanted some of that.  I saw people helping people, and I wanted to be helped, I saw others doing for others, and I wanted it done for me.  That’s when it hit me: it’s not about me!  I really needed to get out of God’s chair, let him sit down so He could speak to my heart and let me know that some of those things I wanted may come in time. And they have!
        That third Biker Church Sunday I was baptized again. (The first time was when I was two months old.) What followed is almost indescribable.  A brother had a bike in pieces which I offered to help him put together and a couple of others in the ministry came to my aid.  I had to admit that for the first time in my adult life that I bit off more than I could chew, and a friend of mine stepped up and offered his assistance with the stipulation that I pack everything up and bring the bike to him.  This was going to be tough, asking a ministry brother to trust me enough to take all these new parts and pieces for his bike ($13,000.00 worth) and let a friend of mine put it together and paint it.  People of my past wouldn’t show that kind of trust in me but this brother did, and let me tell you that the walls that I put up around my heart and soul crumbled on that day.  This made my day, month, year, and life!     The day my brother got his bike back running and painted was glorious for him, but the trust that he put in me was much more than he ever knows.  When I get to those pearly gates and find the seat saved for me then I will step back and wait on that friend who completed the bike and gladly give him my seat!
        During this time a friend that I’ve known through the internet for many years but have never met, asked if I did any reading?  He was saved several years ago and was aware of some of my past but was thrilled with some of the changes.  He ordered and sent three books to me.  This man is a nationally known motorcycle speed record holder on the salt flats.  He built the first known custom BMW pro-street chopper/glide and he’s been in many magazines.  He says all that is nothing compared to being saved!
        I also had a birthday during this new beginning and was blown away with not just the fellowship but a couple of special Bibles.  One is easy to read and the other is a study Bible which explains the scriptures in laymen’s terms and honestly, I need to set aside more time than five or ten minutes a day for reading.

        So what has happened?  Trust.  I gained trust and give it freely.  Love.  I gained that too and give it freely.  Truth.  I gained that too and give it freely.  Respect.  This is different for me.  In the past I easily gained it for the fear I could cause, but now I am respected for my abilities and freely give it.  What absolutely stands out the most to me, though is forgiveness.  This  comes easy to me now, along with the patience to wait for forgiveness from those whom I have wronged.
        Deb now says we don’t have to wait five years to wed.  She loves the man I have become and I love her for her patience in waiting for that man to evolve.  The other guy would have had to wait out the full five years plus to receive such a treasure!  By the way, the friend who built that bike will be at the wedding, too and I was told that I may even see that saved internet friend who holds racing records there, as well as their wives!
        We wish to extend a personal invite to you and yours to help us celebrate this glorious event on May 20th at 4:00 pm at Church In The Wind, Freedom Church, Highway 42 In Springfield LA!
          Boston Jack… The Big Dog part was freely given back to the devil.

  • worth sharing

    Boston Jack on May 04, 2012
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    This writing is from the book “The Harvest” and has become
    Very sentimental to my heart and soul,

    Born in a Stable..
        In Biblical times, A Stable was an offensive place. By today’s standards a stable wouldn’t be fit for an animal and the Lord of Glory would choose such a place to make his entry into this world is one of the most profound revelations of His message and character. We would do well not to miss His point as He has not ceased to use such places to make his appearances.
         Human reasoning would not lead us to a stable to find God. The only way He could be found was by revelation; Only those led by the spirit would come. This has not been changed. That which has been born of God is usually found in a place that is repulsive to the pride and presumptions of carnal men.


    As Paul Stated:

        But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things- and the things that are of not to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before Him!
    (1 Corinthians 1, 27-29) & “The Harvest”.

  • Daytona

    bobdog on Apr 05, 2012
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    Wife and I rode to Daytona for bikeweek (a first for us) We were very happy to see many christian bikers, some handing out biker bibles and many wearing vest and shirts showing ther love of Jesus! A good way to witness for Christ! What do you think?

  • God's Freedom Rally

    coreenleann on Mar 22, 2012
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    I received an email invitation this morning and it really got me thinking.  Why is it that we seem to need a specific time and place to be the people that God has called us to be?  As Christians, we should start every day with the same excitement and hope of Christ-centered results as if we were attending a big rally! I’ve copied the email below, and I’ve made a few adjustments and comments.  I pray that this will prick your heart as it did mine.

    From: Father, Son and Spirit
    To: YOU
    Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 4:24 PM
    Subject: God’s Freedom Rally

      Please forward to all Christians everywhereChapters and members:

     The FREEDOM OF THE ROAD RIDERS  (FORR) Father, Son, and Spirit have a rally in Buckhorn, MO your town, every day of each year on Memorial Day

     For years, CMAChristianshas have been working very hard at this rally.  Please pray and see where God would like you to participate in this ministry.  It varies in many areas, but our colorsattitudes speak volumes - including:

     ·         Hospitality area – munchies, coffee, tracts - Are you hospitable to the world, drawing them close to you, or do you push them away hoping someone else will take the time to minister to them?


    ·         First Aid - How often do you stop to help the hurting?

    ·         Restroom supply baskets in each restroom/shower - Do you make yourself available for the jobs that nobody wants?

    ·         Tractor driver - Do you lead people to their destination, or just let them wander to find their own way?

    ·         Trailer rider/helpers – Do you disciple others so that they can become tractor drivers also?

    ·         Sunday Service on stage - Do you attend and support your local church regularly?

    ·         Music on stage Sunday morning - Do you publically praise God for His blessings, both in church and out?

    ·         Hand out tracts/Bibles during Sunday service - Do you actively participate in your local church?  They need you!

    ·         Bike blessing teams – Are you known as “the person who will pray for me?”  Bikers seek out people to bless their bikes, is anyone looking for you for prayer?

    ·         Prayer walkers – who do this in ‘Sniper’ mode - Do you pray for your co-workers or people you pass by in the mall or grocery store?

    ·         Hog Roast meal a chapter prepares and serves to many - When was the last time you served at a homeless shelter or other help for the needy?

    ·         Playing in the bike games & riding in poker run - Do you befriend the lost and spend time with them, or are they alienated because they may not be a “good influence”?

    ·         Tourism – walk around admiring bikes, camps, and talking – pray w/ folks if asked to - How often to you work a street ministry?  Do you talk with people walking by?  Do you make the first gesture of kindness? 

    ·         Traffic directing – if needed in the parking, trailer riding part of rally - How often do you point people in the direction of their local church (or yours)?     

    ·         We prefer not be in the security jobs - Do you walk around and notice only what others are doing wrong?

    ·         Homebound Prayer Warriors who pray for those out in the field - Do you lift your brothers and sisters in prayer DAILY?  Each of us is on a battle-field.  We all need prayer!

     If you are interested and have any questions, please call or e-mail.  We will do our best to help you in the area that God has set up for you to work. 

     Jesus’ Love Rocks!

     For a weekend rally we jump at the chance - why don’t we do it every day?  I challenge you to review the open positions, schedule a shift - then give it all you've got!!! 


    ONEOVER99 on Dec 28, 2011
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    Some of you know that my wife and I have our own ministry called One Over 99 Ministry - Luke 15:7. We have our own web site too, with our own blog. I (Len) wanted to make my first blog post to be of great importance, especially since so many people don't truly understand the answer to the question answered below. I hope you fully and biblically understand the answer. In the name of Christ Jesus, I love you.

    Have you ever typed the question “What does it mean to be saved?” into Google and seen what the search yields? We did it for you, and we were completely amazed at the sundry of incorrect answers we found. It’s alarming to see all of the self proclaimed Evangelicals, Christian Ministries and many churches online who don’t really know the answer to that question and it’s even worse that they would proudly display the unbiblical answers that they do. The answer to the question is not only in the very Bible they claim to read, but the penalty for misleading anyone with providing them the wrong information is promised there as well (Luke 17:1-2). As it is written, “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” (2Tim 2:15), it is with the most humble reverence and complete love for a holy and just God, and His Word, that we are going to give you the true biblical answer to that question.

    If you are reading this as a new Christian or as a person who is unsure if Christianity is right for you, then you are part of an answered prayer. There is absolutely nothing that should be more important in your life than your salvation or the salvation of the ones you love. Just as well, there should be no reason for any truly converted Christian to not only understand God’s merciful gift of salvation but also know for certain that they are indeed saved. It’s sickening and all too common in this post-modern community of emergent and seeker friendly churches to preach a gospel which creates so many false converts. There is but only one gospel, and the Bible makes it perfectly clear (Gal 1:8). If you are not saved now, or having doubts of your salvation, we pray that this will lead you to salvation in Jesus Christ, our Lord. If you still have questions after reading this, please email us and we will give you biblical answers to your questions or provide you direction towards understanding (1Peter 3:15).

    Paul Washer, one of the greatest biblical evangelists of our time once said it best; “God saves us for Himself, by Himself, and from Himself”. This completely accurate, yet very simple statement depicts exactly what happens, how it happens, and why it had to happen with regard to salvation while maintaining a Christocentric gospel (Gal 1:9). To increase your understanding of this better, we want to take a moment to go through the meaning and reasons for salvation in depth and biblically. Although we may paraphrase great men of God, Protestant confessions of faith, or sound Reformed teaching, this will not be a systematic study of the doctrines of grace. However, we will be true to the doctrine and proven by scripture. When you have read through this, you will surely know what it means to be saved.

    First and foremost, you must understand that the Bible plainly states that everyone is born in sin. (Rom 3:23) There are no exceptions to this and there are many scriptures which back it up. Regarding the fall of man, the Westminster Confession of Faith states, “Our first parents, being seduced by the subtilty and temptations of Satan, sinned, in eating the forbidden fruit. (2Cor 11:3) By this sin they fell from their original righteousness and communion, with God (Gen 2:17), and wholly defiled in all the parts and faculties of soul and body (Gen 6:5 and Jer 17:9)” (Chapter VI).

    In the Old Testament book of Psalms, chapter 51, David wrote to God as he pleaded for forgiveness of his sin (Psalm 51:5). David didn’t mean that the acts of giving birth or conceiving were sinful. He simply meant that humans are born with a sinful nature. We are totally depraved. Since we have a sinful nature, we are seen as unrighteous in God’s eyes. God is holy and perfect in every way. Man, is not even close! We are naturally programmed to sin against God and we are far from righteousness.

    As the apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the Romans (Rom 3:9-20). Obviously, Paul was telling the Jews and Gentiles that they (we) all have commonality with regards to unrighteous behavior. Our common ground is sin, and Paul quotes Old Testament scriptures to back it up. If you watch the evening news, you have to admit that this is absolutely still true today. People seem to be getting more and more evil every day. (Matt 24:12)

    The Bible specifically makes known to us the types of sin as well as the just punishment for sinning and never allows room for negotiation. There are no grey areas. Paul tells us in his letter to the Corinthians that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God and he makes it clear who the unrighteous are (1Cor6:9-10).

    So what the Bible makes perfectly clear, is that if you fit any of these previously mentioned descriptions of a sinner, do not deceive yourself, you will suffer greatly the consequences, guaranteed. Why, you may ask? (Heb 10:26-27)

    We have no excuse for sinning against God. God gave us His laws and a conscience. We are able to know right from wrong. The fact is, that so many unregenerate Christians have been brainwashed because of wolves in sheep’s clothing (Mat 7:15). The big church preachers of the world who preach that God has a ‘wonderful plan for you’ or that you can have ‘your best life now’ or your life has a purpose and you can learn it in 40 days! They are all afraid to tell you the biblical truth that if you are a sinner and you do not repent, you will not see heaven (Luke 13:3). The message that sinners are heading to hell because they have sinned against God and they deserve it. That message doesn't sell books or fill the pews. You won't find Dr. James White's books in the best seller slot at your local Christian book store (and it's a shame).

    If the kind and loving God that they preach about is the God of the Bible, then He is serious about His commandments being kept (John 14:15). He is not some old man who sits on a cloud with His fingers crossed, wishing and waiting for you to "accept" Him when you get good and ready. He is not a powerless God who has been depicted helpless, as He stands outside a door which is missing the knob, knocking patiently and waiting for you to open it and ask Him in. How absurd and disrespectful it is to think of Him as powerless, helpless and without absolute control over everything. This is blasphemy because it goes against the Bible and the Holy Spirit is the author of the Bible (Matt 12:31).

    The God which Paul preached of is the same God which flooded the earth and saved only Noah and those he took with him on the ark before He flooded the earth (2Peter 2:5). He is the same God who burned Sodom and Gomorrah to the ground (2Peter 2:6). He is also the same God who will return like a thief in the night and the elements will melt with fervent heat (2Peter 3:12).

     Paul was the perfect preacher to tell people of their sins and unrighteous behavior. Why not? He was one of the biggest God haters and persecutors of Christians ever to live. That is, right up until his blinding experience on the road to Damascus (Read about Paul’s conversion in Acts 9:1-31). After his encounter with Jesus, Paul was the epitome of true conversion! All he lived for was reaching the lost by preaching the gospel, and giving glory to God in the highest “Gloria in Excelsis Deo”. You must understand that in God’s sovereignty, He foreknew Paul would be the perfect ambassador for the gospel (Acts 9:15), and He commanded Paul to preach it! No matter how sinful he was or how he lived his life before his conversion, he was created for that very purpose (Acts 9:13). The apostle wrote in his letter to the Corinthians to imitate his service to God (1Cor 11:1)

    Make no doubt about it that God, being sovereign over every single molecule in the universe (Rom 1:20), converted Paul at precisely the exact time that God wanted to. It wasn’t up to Paul to choose (John 15:16). Let Paul’s conversion serve as a biblical example to you of God’s irresistible grace. We agree that not everyone receives the blinding experience on the road to Damascus that Paul did, but we do receive a very clear and effectual calling from God at precisely the time God wants to call you or draw you to Him through the Holy Spirit (John 6:44). This ‘drawing’ or pulling is called monergism. The Holy Spirit acts independently of any human assistance as He brings you to the understanding that you need a savior (Heb 9:14-15). It’s part of regeneration and can not be done without the Holy Spirit. Man cannot do this on his own according to the Bible. If you know someone who claims something other than this; claiming that anyone can choose salvation when ever they want, then they are suffering from a severe case of ‘man-based theology’. This is heresy and against all biblical teaching (1Cor 2:14).

    The Holy Spirit regenerates us with the use of our conscience in concert with God’s law. The Holy Spirit reveals to us that we are sinners and have no way to justify ourselves in the eyes of a holy God. Sin is very serious. If you do not admit that you are a sinner then you will remain reprobate and you will not receive the gift of repentance from the Holy Spirit (2Tim 2:25)

    God sent forth His laws to us through Moses; the Ten Commandments. And if we neglect to keep His commandments, He clearly warns us in (Ex 20:5-6) of the consequences as well as many other times in the Bible. Someone who breaks the Ten Commandments is referred to as a worker of iniquity” (Matt 7:23). Iniquity = lawlessness, and lawlessness = sin (1John 3:4). You have broken God’s laws, and that makes you a sinner, under God’s wrath to come. Not only in the Old Testament but also in the New Testament we see the punishment of sin. “For the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23). If you are a worker of anything, then you deserve to get paid for the work you do, right? In that same sense, God promises to pay workers of iniquity their fair wage... That wage is indeed, death. Eternal death! God is not one to break a promise. This bad news is what most of the so called Evangelicals and Ministries we encountered have neglected to tell you. They neglect it due to their weak doctrines, reckless handling of the Word of God, and blatant misunderstanding of the doctrines of grace. This is mostly due to the fact that they respectfully tolerate heresy with regards to the teaching they have received from their own beloved pastors and/or family members. Don’t take anyone’s word for it, check it against the Bible. That goes for us too! Compare what we say to the scriptures. Everyone, including your pastor, is capable of mistakes (2Cor 13:5). The Bible is the infallible word of God (2Tim 3:16).

    Just in case you may still be wondering what the Bible says the consequence for sin will be... "But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part {will be} in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death." (Rev 21:8). There you have it. It’s the lake of fire. It’s eternal torment in hell as the Bible promises. God will not break His promise. Sinners will perish under His wrath. As to the existence of hell, contrary to popular ‘un-belief’ from modern America, there is a biblical example of someone who was actually sent to hell for his disobedience to God, breaking the commandments. It’s the story of the rich man and Lazarus in (Luke 16:19-31).

    It should be biblically clear to you now what sin is, and equally clear what happens as a result of us sinning against a holy and just God. He punishes us because we deserve it. As the Bible states, any and all unrepentant sinners will receive God’s awesome and terrible wrath without any mercy. To avoid His wrath, you need to be rescued or ‘saved’. But understand that man can do nothing good enough in the eyes of God to rescue or save himself. Your good deeds will not impress the God of the Bible (Isaiah 64:6). Like it or not, without the Holy Spirit in us working to regenerate us, we are all under the control of our sin nature. We are slaves to sin (Romans 16:18). As the Bible teaches us, we are all born that way. On our own and without the Holy Spirit, the only will man possesses by nature is the ability to choose his abomination (sin) that ultimately leads to his place in the lake of fire. Man picks his path on the wide road, and God by His own mercy, chooses to save man from His wrath (Rom 9:15).

    The Holy Spirit, through His effectual calling, plucks us right off of our course, just as He did to Paul on the road to Damascus. The Bible tells us that there are many who enter the wide gate and travel the easy road to hell (Matt 7:13). However, there is a ‘narrow gate’ and narrow path, which leads to eternal life and few are those who find it (Matt 7:14).

    So, there is good news! There is a way to have eternal life. God has mercy on the elect. God has provided a way for us to escape the wrath that is due to every sinner. By “saving us from Himself” as Washer said, God has provided a way out. As we showed you before, “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23), “And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12), “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life” (John 3:16). You must enter by the narrow gate, and that gate is Jesus (John 14:6)!

    Christianity is the only religion that speaks the truth about salvation. It is the only religion that says man is saved by Christ alone through faith alone (Gal 2:8). Do not be troubled; believe in God and also in Jesus (John 14:1)

    Jesus came into the world for the purpose to save us (Romans 3:25). All men die (Heb 9:27). 10 out of 10 people, or 100 out of 100 people; it doesn’t matter how you slice it, all men die and go before God to be judged (John 3:18). We are judged against God’s laws or The Ten Commandments and not only by our actions, but also by our thoughts (Psalm 44:21 and Romans 2:16). As Jesus preached from the Sermon on the Mount, “For you have heard it was said, “YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY”; but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matt 5:27,28)

    No one may enter the kingdom of heaven unless he is born again (John 3:3,5). We must repent, turn from sin, and put our trust in Jesus (Mark 1:15). Romans chapter 5 teaches us how we are justified. "While we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. For one will hardly die for a righteous man; though perhaps for the good man someone would dare even to die" (Romans 5:6-7).

    Would you die for someone good or bad? Would you die for a total stranger? How much more could anyone love us more than that? (John 15:3) Jesus laid down His life for us so we may be seen as righteous to God (John 10:11-14). We are enemies of God if our hearts care only about pleasing ourselves, and our minds love the worldly ways (Romans 8:7-8).

    Jesus death on the cross was the propitiation; He satisfied our sin debt to God (1John 4:10 and Is 53:10). God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from the wrath {of God} through Him. "Therefore repent of this wickedness of yours, and pray the Lord that, if possible, the intention of your heart may be forgiven you" (Acts 8:22)

    We are not going to tell you to pray a sinner’s prayer and then that’s it. The only biblical example of this is in Psalm 51, where David prayed to God with incredible sorrow for what he had done. He prayed for God to forgive him, cleanse him, and make him new. For he knew he was a sinner.

    Do you know that you have sinned against God? Do you have great sorrow such as David? Do you understand that each time you sin every day that you add to the suffering of Jesus on that cross? It’s much, much more than saying “I believe”. It’s more than simply going to church or saying a little prayer while continuing to live as you have before.

    Instead, it’s admitting that you have sinned against an angry God and that you need to be saved from His wrath. You repent (turn from sin) and ask Him for forgiveness. You know that Jesus died on the cross as payment for your sins and then rose from the dead three days later. You read the Bible daily to grow in your walk with Christ. You have a complete change in the way you live as you put your faith and trust in Him and only Him. You put God first in your life and die to yourself. You keep His commandments out of love and obedience, even after you are saved. Now if this describes you, then you truly know what it means to be saved.

    From the narrow path,

    Len Qualls

    One Over 99 Ministry - Luke 15:7

  • Broken beyond repair

    Digitlghost on Jul 19, 2011
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    One of my favorite songs has the following lyrics:

    But if we are the Body Why aren't His arms reaching Why aren't His hands healing Why aren't His words teaching And if we are the Body Why aren't His feet going Why is His love not showing them there is a way There is a way
    God sometimes drives the point of his lessons home with great force. In the last few days a dear friend's husband has suffered a stroke. I do not know Jody well but I know he's a suffering soul. I know he's an alcaholic and I know he's curious about God but also very confused. Jody has attended our church from time to time and I will confess, I always thought Jody was broken beyond repair.

    How often do we do that? How often do we think to ourselves that this or that person is never going to be reached? In our minds we may mumble shallow prayers on their behalf but in our hearts we have given up hope for them already. Jody's stoke was a profound revelation to me, you see... my oldest brother is very much like Jody. God revealed to me that if I believe that God can not save Jody, then I must give up hope for my brother's salvation as well. And if I'll pray for my bother, why will I not pray just as fervently for Jody?

    I don't see all of God's plan but I see Him at work. Please keep Jody in your prayers, keep my brother in your prayers, and keep me in your prayers. Pray that I never believe that anyone is broken beyond repair, even myself.

  • Mascot signed in North Carolina!

    Dan on Jul 05, 2011
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    The July 1st, 2011- PrayerBiker Mascot Signing in Lincolnton North Carolina is in thanks to
    Craig White (Lonewolf65) who rode his motorcycle all the way from Missouri to my home in Lincolnton North Carolina . At the signing of the Mascot was Myself, Dan Atwell and my friend Randy Baxley who is also a member, along with our brother in Christ and friend Craig White (Lonewolf65). We had a good time getting to know each other and sharing together. I got to give Craig a signed Bible from Randy and myself and He gave each of us a CMA Coin for a keepsake of our time together. We then Had some pictures together and Craig got the PrayerBiker Mascot out of his Bike and we signed it on my kitchen table,
    after Randy and I signed the Mascot  the three of us along with my wife had a prayer together for Craig and thanking God for his blessings.  I am very thankful that I got to sign the Mascot because I feel it is an Honor to have my name on a Christian flag with other Christian brothers and sisters from all over the United States that are willing to serve God and others in this way, I have the highest Respect for each of them and I am very happy that I can be part of this ministry. we also had some pictures of the three of us with our Motorcycles and the Mascot. This is a time I will never forget, I am just sorry that it had to be such a short visit with or brother  Craig.   I hope to see him again soon, along with other PrayerBiker members as we grow together in Gods name. Craig had to go because he had to pick up his wife at the Airport in Charlotte and Randy was also on his way home so they got to ride together for a short ride of about 11 miles.   This is a time where God had brougth three of his Children together because of this website, and I thank him with all my heart. We as Christians need each other ! The Mascot is now with me (Dan)
    and I have sent every member in North Carolina a message to let them know I will do what ever I can to see that if they want to sign it I will help make that happen, even if I have to take it to each and every one of them. Then I will be happy to move it to another state and pass it on so that we keep this sign of Christian brotherhood moving and alive in our country. I will be taking a picture of each member signing the Mascot to share with every one.   Remember the signing of the PrayerBiker Mascot is for members only, it should be Honored and Respected by all, because it is a sign of our Love for God and his work in our lives. and a sign of our standing together in Gods name in a world that has turned away.
    Your Brother in Christ, Dan.

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