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Forgiveness will set you free!
- 4 years ago
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2006 Ultra Classic HD.
Prayer Warrior
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I am from Australia, however I now live in Denver Colorado. My job has me travelling a lot which is great, I get to see a lot of the USA and beyond.

I am a military veteran, I spent almost 8 years in the (Australian) Army.

I am an active rider and I enjoy participating in events, particularly street ministry. I think this site is a great tool to meet others and to share what we love.

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United States
  • Al replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Thanks for the great photos Beemer!! And hi! Lots of bikes out where I am right now, I am working in Aruba for a couple weeks again and I just wish I had time to rent one and get out there!! it's tropical and windy, usually the case here. I hope everyone else is getting some of this sunshine, Colorado was full of it when I left too, nice!
    Read More... 597 days ago
  • Al replied to the topic Merry Christmas! in the forum.
    Good evening everyone, Prayerbikers and visitors. I hope everyone enjoys this Christmas season with their family and or friends. It's cold and snowy today in Denver, I am sure there is lots of weather everywhere else as well! it's another precious and beautiful day. God Bless you all
    Read More... 647 days ago
  • Al replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    I am working in Florida this week, seems I am always working and not riding so much, so that is a concern. Although I do read Prayerbiker posts every day. I haven't posted for a while on PB but I am still dedicated to help maintain and keep our awesome presence alive and kicking. God Bless you all for contributing to our awesome community. It is sunny and warm in Florida, but I know at home in Denver and elsewhere it is already beginning to snow and show signs of winter. Keep posting and encouraging like you do. We have a humble presence here and it is something to be loved.
    Read More... 689 days ago
  • Al replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Good morning PrayerBikers and visitors!! Well it's a glorious day in Denver today, somewhat chilly at about 15 degrees this morning when I left home, but full of sunshine still! The snow is going by and there are lots of riders out!! Spring is awesome. I hope everyone is having a great day and a plan to ride! God Bless you all
    Read More... 899 days ago
  • Al replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Hi there everyone!! Well I had some work done to our website to secure it down some more and everything went well. The improvements were all behind the scenes and nothing will be noticed using the website. Which I am really happy about as no data was lost and there was no down time!! I still want to introduce the upgrade to improve the features of the community, but it is less serious now, since mostly I wanted security and to keep the site safe. But it will come! I am just delighted we are keeping on keeping on!!
    Read More... 940 days ago
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  • Al replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    I have begun work with having our website upgrade. This is a major event in the life of our awesome website. All work so far has been development work, meaning we are undergoing a number of upgrades and tests, without using our live website yet. I am trying very hard not to lose any data, while at the same time keep our live site up and running without interruption. If you notice anything unusual about your access or use of this great website, please let me know so it can be addressed. The upgrade is necessary for various security issues that have become problematic, as well as introducing a lot newer technologies to the site, meaning also a lot of new features. I do not think the design will change much, I know the last time we did this there was major design changes, but the design is very stable now, so it will continue mostly as it is. I am just not sure of exactly how the new features will integrate until I see them. Anyway thank you for your patience, I for one am very excited about this event!!
    Read More... 950 days ago
  • Al replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Good morning PrayerBikers and visitors!! I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend, it's still cold in Denver, but it should be getting back into the 50s and even 60s in the next couple days, yay!! So maybe some riding ahead! Lately I have been looking into the idea of having our website updated, this is something that will happen shortly. There is a lot of stake when I do this, so I try not to do it very often. But for various improvements that I want to see and for better security, this is going to happen soon, I am just now getting the right coders together for it. I want to be very careful not to lose any data or have any down time if possible. Anyway I will keep everyone updated and advise of the new features and timing soon!! God Bless. Al.
    Read More... 957 days ago
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  • Al replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Good morning and Happy New Year!! Awoke this morning here in Castle Rock Colorado and found some heavy snow on the ground, it's cold and very beautiful! Today is a laid back today for Tina and I, I am heading off to work early Sunday to Aruba for the next part of that job. I think the snow will be far behind me when I arrive there. Just there for a week this time. My bike is all winterized and covered up in the garage, maybe when I come home I can get on her for a quick ride, I am sure knowing Denver this snow will be long gone again, it can be 20 in the morning here and then 80 in the afternoon! I hope everyone is feeling great and excited about the new year, I know I am!!
    Read More... 999 days ago
  • Al replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    It's a great Christmas Eve here in Denver Colorado today! I hope everyone is finding some time to reflect on the meaning of Christmas and enjoying celebration with their family, friends and maybe some folks less fortunate too. God Bless you all!
    Read More... 1010 days ago
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