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Al's friends


Bike Night in Plant City FL tomorrow night. Anyone local going to be there?


God Bless you all, Please Check out feel free to add your self, iv Just made some big changes and still working on them, your support would be really great. Blessings. Brad


As you celebrate this Easter season, please remember to pray for the Persecuted Church... God bless.


hi guys after some prayer for direction. here there are some issues between the government and bikers and churches are doing not much about support. a friend and i are starting a friday night fellowship and prayer evening. this needs to work to take back what the spiritualist churches (wiccan churches) have stolen your prayers will be greatly appreciated
squidget (neil)


I am looking forward to wearing a prayer biker badge. I like the approach of offering prayer to other bikers. I hang in with a group that fluctuates. One of them mentioned that they appreciate having a preacher coming to the group. He said, "You never know when you will need one. For wedding or funeral." Your prayer biker theme fits in with this known need that bikers have.


Blessings! Thank you for contacting me. I am to be here on a regular basis, not just to benefit my ministry, put to fellowship with other believers and offer support to other ministries.

Old Blue

Good evening everyone, I am new here, just stopping by to say hi!


Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.....Awesome thought ... I love that God reaches out to us way before we ever reach out for Him :)
Please pray for those in Prison this week .... as you all go about your week !!


Ladies Night is coming up this Tuesday 7:00 PM all you ladies come on out and find out what the Bad Girls of the Bible are up to.


Still no success moving from the opening page. Cannot access friend requests or messages. Just to keep everyone informed, I'm not ignoring anyone. Don't know what else to do, just doesn't work on this site.


Hey to all my friends out there. What an awesome ride we had on Sunday! The weather was amazing, clear skys, low breeze, just a lil cool, but warmed up nicely by noon. Had a good 30-40 riders, roaring through the tunnels of the North Bay San Francisco. Went about 140 miles, then it ended with a great lunch at Hunan's Chinese food, yum! Good to be with friends and out in the open air.


is it me or are the forums not working? I keep getting server errors.


Dear Friends
Please forgive me my dad pasted away not long ago , I have been
feeling a little down. but I gave all my problems to are LORD and
above , and i know my dad is in a better place today.
He was almost (90) years old, thanks for being my friends. I have a
different bike now it is a Honda VTX 1300 r .I hope and pray i
will get ride with you all soon,


OK, Myself and my fellow Christian Biker that fellowship to gether at the Fassifern Christian Church, at a little town called Kalbar in the Fassifern Valley,..Christian Biker has just started a web site Check us out, My name is Brian and i look after the web sit, its only new more work to be done but it is up and running.. email
God Bless..

Hey hey hey! Wanna meet more friends!

RevJerry Fales oms

Yell,Hello My Biker Friends;Thanks for leting me be here,and when I'm not here ,I'm here in Spirit.May GOD Bless you all and your Familys.And Remember Never RIDE Faster, Than YOUR graurden ANGEL Can FLY? be safe be carefull! AMEN.


Hey, just got a new computer and can actually navigate this web site now. Also was able to accept the friend requests that I had (yay). Hope to see you and talk to you via this web site more often now.


Met guys from Wentzville, MO CMA chapter, Broken Chains over the weekend. Am looking forward to visiting the Broken Chains Chapter meeting Thurs night. I can't recall your Prayer Biker names right now. God Bless....PORKCHOP


It dont matter who your oPastor is or what church you go to !!
Its about serving the King of Kings Lord of Lords !!!

Boston Jack

A friend will be vacationing in Memphis TN in a couple weeks and was looking for a biker friendly Church? Any suggestions?


A hearfelt thank you for all the birthday greetings and messages from family and friends. As we grow older we realize how important you really are. Turned 55 so I get to get my senior discount at McDonalds, WOO HOO! Next goal is to try to keep pluggin along to 65. Wonder if the odds are better that I will make it, or if there will be any money left in my social security account?


My fav Psalm is Psalm91 'He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High , Shall abide in the presence of His shadow...' God's got me covered :)


got a sissy bar and back rack for my wife is happy.

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