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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Doc wrote:
    Good afternoon JT,
    I had a look at your weather chart on the link ---- looking good for the time of year. Saturday looks particularly promising, with sunshine & warm temperature, so I hope you can take the chance to get out on your bike. Looks like a change is due in your area Monday onwards, with cooler temperatures. Over here, we are having the usual mixture of winds, showers & grey skies, so when you've done with that nice warm weather, don't forget to send it over here!
    Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling great yesterday, & had a flare up of pain. You've been dealing with pain for quite a time, & it must frustrate you at times, especially when you've lined up things to do & places you want to go. Hope things quieten down on the health front by the weekend --- Prayers with you for strength to cope, for abatement of the pain & for healing of the underlying disease that causes all your pain & holds you back. Not every chronic illness necessarily keeps on and on causing problems, & just occasionally, remission occurs. I know that these matters are in the Lord's hands, Keep strong in your Spirit, & keep on moving forward, brother --- If you don't quit, God won't quit!
    God Bless --- Doc.

    Thanks for the prayers Doc .
    I managed to ride my lawn tractor around the yard today to suck up the fallen leaves . I also got my chimney brush and poles and swept up my chimney pipe. ( it's just a straight 6 inch pipe . Took about 10 minutes ) . Then I installed a Maxx Air vent cover on our new trailer . It covers the roof vent to protect it and you can leave your roof vent open while your driving or even if it's raining . It's a very easy install . That was more than enough for today , in fact I think I over did it because I feel miserable right now.
    If it's nice on Saturday I will probably take my wife's motorcycle out in the country on a dirt road so she can start to learn how to ride it .
    I'll try to send you some nice warm weather , but I don't know if it will make it across the ocean .
    It was nice talking with ya. I need to go get ready for tonight's CMA meeting.
    Blessings my friend.


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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Doc wrote:
    Good Morning JT,
    Just read your post --- 79F seems very warm for this time of the year where you live! We are lucky over here if our best summer weather gets to the mid 70s --- In fact, with those readings you have, we'd all be rushing to get the deck chairs out & enjoy the heatwave while it lasted! I was therefore impressed that you were planning a hard days work sorting out lawn tractors, winter tires & snow-plough attachments! Now that's real commitment, 'though I guess you are just one of those organised sort of folk that think ahead & don't put off doing things until the crisis hits. Reminds me of the Bible story about those women with the lamps who knew the wedding feast was imminent, but who hung around & didn't bother to get the necessary oil for the lamps, & so, when the time came for the feast, they missed out. I reckon with your forward planning, you'll be ready for whatever gets thrown at you!
    The storm that hit us yesterday has largely died back, thankfully, with no damage done. I'm heading off to a meeting in a nearby town this afternoon, & tonight, I've got an Alpha course meeting. You've maybe heard of those -- they are courses of Christian teaching that try & take you through the basic facts of the Gospel & living a Christian life --- usually you learn something new that encourages you in your journey of faith, so I'm looking forward to meeting up & sharing some food + faith with the other folk who come to the meeting. Isn't it amazing how God keeps on feeding us new stuff & new revelations as we reach out to Him in our Prayers, our Scripture reading, & our fellowship with each other? We've so much to be thankful for, although we don't always remember to be giving Him the thanks!
    Well, I've got to go & get on with stuff, so hope you & all the other Prayerbikers have a great day!
    God Bless --- Doc.

    Good morning on ya Doc ,
    We're having a very nice fall season this year , I've seen years where we already had snow by now. Here is our forecast for the next few days . .
    I just want to get chores done before the cold weather comes , don't want to be outside sitting on the cold ground installing my plow , chains and weights at the last minute . But all I got done yesterday was taking in 2 hoses and a couple sprinklers . I was in a lot of pain and didn't feel very well , so I came back inside and stayed in my chair the rest of the day. I'll try to get more done today .
    Your Alpha meetings sound great . We attend regular Bible studies with our Local CMA ( Christian Motorcycle Association ) , they are on the 2nd Thursday of every month .
    Hope you have a very Blessed day Doc. I'm gonna get showered and dressed and start my day by going to the gas station and filling up my truck

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Doc wrote:
    Good morning folks,
    Not a great day for riding over here in Scotland. We seem to be catching the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo today, & outside at the moment, we are getting gale force winds & lashing rain, so there won't be much chance of a ride today! Going to have my hands full anyway, as wife & daughter heading to Istanbul in Turkey, & joining a cruise ship to take them round the Greek Islands for next week or so, leaving me to manage the old dog, the cat & the new puppy, who seems to have a super-charged amount of energy, so I'm not likely to be bored! Hope you all have a great day!
    God Bless --- Doc.

    Sounds like a great day to go over your bike and give it a checkup .

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Doc wrote:
    Good afternoon JT,
    A lot of good stuff on your "Winter Prep Tips", especially for those folk living in some of the more remote areas of your country. Hopefully, you won't need to implement too many of those emergency measures yourself this coming winter, but then again, you never know 'til it happens!
    Speaking of energy, for the past 35 years or so, we haven't had much in the way of power cuts or outages over here in the UK. (35 years ago, militant miners went on strike, & blockaded coal supplies to our power stations, resulting in some power cuts back then!) However, all that may change in the next 5 years or so, as our devolved Scottish Government is currently obsessed with making itself a world leader in "green energy renewables". Now that sounds like one of those "not bad ideas", but the downside of it is that they have started building giant Wind Turbines on just about every bit of available picturesque hillside + every bit of accessible shoreline, which spoils some of the beautiful views our countryside is famous for. They have also allowed many of the coal fired power stations to be closed, as well as some of the gas fired ones, & they are against nuclear power too, so they are not planning any new nuclear stations to back up the remaining ageing ones.
    All these "renewables" are being paid for through compulsory charge supplements on our electricity bills, which have soared in amount recently. Given that the wind doesn't blow 24/7 for 365 days per year, & these turbines are about 19% efficient, you don't have to be an Einstein to predict that at some future point, the lights are at risk of going out! That situation, when it happens, will no doubt take years to sort out -- by which time the politicians who made the stupid decisions will have moved on, allowing the new lot to wring their hands & utter the usual cry of "It wisnae (i.e. "wasn't!) us that caused the problem" --- no doubt followed by that other well worn & over-used apology, delivered with crocodile tears, that "Lessons have been learned"!!! How come they never seem to learn those lessons before disasters strike, & maybe even do something to avoid the disasters in the first place? Then again, if they had that sort of foresight, they would probably have chosen some different career, & not become politicians in the first place! Hopefully, the politicians who run things over in your place have a bit more common sense (and foresight) in these matters!
    Well, time to get off my soap-box & calm down! Hope things are good with you at present, & that the forthcoming winter is kind to you.
    God Bless --- Doc.

    Howdy Doc ,
    Sorry to say , our politicians don't have any common sense at all here either, and they are trying to do the same with wind and solar energy . It's not efficient , yet they keep pushing it away . They are putting up them ugly wind turbines here as well and beside the down falls you mentioned , there are other down falls . The wind turbines are killing thousands of Hawks , Eagles and other beautiful birds who fly into them.
    Obama and his administration are doing their best to put the coal industry out of business , and that will greatly increase our electric bills . America has an abundance of coal , and some can even be turned into fuel to run automobiles and trucks , but the liberal party is doing their best to not allow us to use our coal . Canada has offered the U.S. cheap oil and all we need to do is build a pipe line to buy it from them , but Obama keeps fighting that as well. I feel your pain when it comes to politicians .
    Aside from the emergency supply's I listed , everyone should also keep emergency supply's in their vehicles . I will work on a list for that as well.
    Nice talking with ya Doc. Have a blessed night.

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    JT’s Winter Prep Tips : ( if you have anything to add to this , please feel free to do so )

    Food : Make sure you store extra Canned goods and other food supply’s .
    One good winter storm ( or other emergency ) can empty grocery store shelves in as little as 1 to 2 days , and trucks may not be able to get to the stores to restock . So it’s important to make sure you have enough emergency food to live on for at least a week or two .

    Water : Make sure you have plenty of bottled water on hand to last you a week or two .
    Snow can also be melted on your BBQ Grill and used taking sponge baths and washing dishes .

    Heat :
    Make sure you have a 2nd source of heat . Woodstove , Propane heater , Kerosene heater , Tent Heater etc... Read the instructions on your 2nd sources of heat , some may require proper ventilation .

    Always have a backup source to cook your food. Examples are : Woodstove , Camping stoves , BBQ Grills , Sterno stove etc .... Always make sure you have plenty of fuel on hand for these secondary stoves .

    Flash lights :
    Make sure you have flash lights and enough fresh batteries for them . Always keep flashlights where you can get to them quick in an emergency .

    Oil Lamps
    Great source of light when the power goes out. Some models you can even cook on .

    Other items you may want to keep handy:
    Extra warm blankets , games for entertainment , firearms for protection , First Aid Kits , Extra Medication , an Emergency Hand Crank Radio , a good portable generator with plenty of fuel stored away for it , Portable camping toilet ( in case your water won’t turn on ) etc.. Any items you feel you may need should an emergency arise .

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    [quote="Doc" post=12146]JT wrote:
    Good morning Doc ,
    "If the people in your church are judging you because you rode a motorcycle , then they need to stick their noses back in their bibles and out of your business . The type of transportation a person chooses isn't ungodly , but judging them for it is."
    Good afternoon JT,
    Thanks for the reply. I just love the way you tell it like it is!! I guess if I'm honest, it was only a few who seemed to think that somehow, a church elder arriving for the service on a motorbike wasn't quite showing enough respect! But you know, the one thing that the passage of the years has taught me, is that it doesn't matter what you come in to church, what you wear, what other people think or don't think about you ---- What matters is what you make of Jesus Christ --- our Saviour & Lord. Our Eternal hope doesn't come from placing our faith in all those dried up, empty "religious services" attended by "holier than thou" judgmental "pew-warmers" who attend church for an hour on Sundays & then have the nerve to call themselves "christians"! Our hope comes from placing our faith in a loving and living Saviour, Jesus Christ, who took the full hit for all our sins on the Cross. He paid the price in full for us there.
    There was a period of years in my life where I lost sight of that, & in so doing, lost faith. But God doesn't give up easily on those He calls, & I struggle, even now, to understand why He bothered to come back into my life. But you know, like the prodigal son, you just sometimes have to admit you were wrong, & accept God's undeserved love & forgiveness. I now keep my focus & faith anchored in Jesus, & unlike when we place our trust in humans, no matter how good they seem, He will never fail us!
    Hope you have a good week ahead!
    God Bless ---- Doc.

    Very well said Doc ,
    Have a blessed night.

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  • events lukaspodolski added a new event, wedding website
  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Doc wrote:
    Hi JT,
    Your Honda looks to be in good shape for a bike that's been on the road for around 36 years!! Guess it must have been owned by folk who looked after it well for it to have survived so long. Also looks like it could handle some rough or off-road riding. Hope your wife gets a lot of fun learning to ride, & no doubt, you'll have an added interest keeping the bike in shape for her to ride --- should keep you busy over the winter!
    Good Luck with sorting out any problems --- Doc.

    Thanks Doc ,
    The bike needs very little and my wife and I are going to fix it up over the winter , it'll be a project we can do together. It runs very well . I bought it from Ken at Valley Motor Honda , Ken and his brother Dick own Valley Motor Honda here in town and it was Ken's personal motorcycle .

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Good Morning JT,
    I've just been looking at your custom key ---- Sure must be a one off!! Never seen another bike key like that one! Riding behind that key must be pushing you to be one of the most Saintly riders on the road! Maybe we all need something like that to remind us that just because we are riding, we aren't "off-duty" when it comes to us remembering that we are also Christians, & have to treat other folk accordingly, even if they do "cut us off", & our own human instincts suggest otherwise!
    I enjoyed looking at your pictures too --- they capture all that open-ness that you get around your part of the country ---- good for the Soul, riding in all that kind of scenery --- brings peace & reminds us of just how small we are in God's creation, yet He still knows us & loves us!
    Over here in Scotland, it's a dull, grey, drizzly day & not much of an encouragement to ride! I'm heading off now to visit a very sweet 91 year old lady who is a member of our Church & attended regularly until she had a bad fall a few weeks ago. A real Saintly lady, who led ran our Prayer & Healing team until recently. She's in a lot of pain just now, & life's a bit of a struggle. It's her Birthday this weekend, so I'm meeting up with our Pastor at her house, & we plan to have some fellowship & church with her there, & just lift her problems in our prayers to the Lord for His Blessing & Healing in this situation.
    I hope you have a good day yourself, & enjoy the weekend ahead!
    God Bless ---- Doc.

    Good morning Doc ,
    I bought the little statue of Jesus on the internet , it had a magnetic bottom . I pulled the magnet off and the statue was hollow inside . So I took my Dremel tool and a small grinding bit and scored the inside walls of the statue . ( I did this to be the JB weld something to grab on to ) . Then I cut the sides off the top of the key so that it would fit inside the statue . Then I drilled a hole in the top of the key. ( to give the JB weld something to grab on to ) After that I mixed some JB weld ( you can use a good strong epoxy to ) and filled the inside of the statue with it and then put the key inside the statue and waited for the JB weld to set up . Then I made a nylon cover for the bottom of the statue to finish it off . There ya have it , now you can make your own
    I bet the elderly woman your going to visit will be so happy you stopped by . When your laid up and can't leave your house , it gets awful lonely . I have days , sometimes a week or two , like that where I can't hardly walk and I'm stuck home in my chair . It gets lonely. So I know how much this visit means to this elderly lady . Most times that's all it takes to brighten someone's day. You guys will be a Blessing to her.
    It's been a couple weeks since I took those pictures and I haven't been able to ride since then. I'm hoping I'll be able to ride his weekend , even if it's just for a little while.
    Have a great day. It was nice talking with ya.

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    I've been reading post on this sight , but haven't posted much because it seems like no one reads my post , so what's the point ?

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  • A Knight's Prayer
    Almighty God, Eternal Father, Lord of Lords, have mercy upon me, a
    humble knight in Thy Divine Service.
    Oh Lord, I pray for Thy indulgence and blessings.
    Forget not Thine servant in his trials, nor his Order of Knighthood.
    ... I pray, that Thy Will be done in all things, both great and small.
    Let me always be worthy of Thee, let me not forget Thee in good times nor
    Armor me
    profile 37 days ago
  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Howdy my fellow PrayerBikers .
    My wife and I joined the CMA in April of 2005 . That is to say , we signed up for it and got our CMA membership numbers . We had watched the hours and hours of video tapes to become patch wearing members , but never sent in the paperwork for it because our local CMA chapter fell apart . However , our local CMA is back and doing well , so we decided to take the CMA training course over again ( lucky for us the new course is only about 4 hours long. LOL ) and become full patched members .
    One of the things that really got me very interested in the CMA again was the CMA Bighorn Mountains Roads and Trails event that was held on the Bighorn Mountains this year. Until we attended this event , we never realized how much fun the CMA could be. This was the first CMA Bighorns Roads and Trails event and it was a success . We had 55 people registered for the first event and I can't wait until next years. I'm also looking forward to attending other CMA Roads and Trails Events around America . If you haven't attended one of these events , give it a try , it's loads of fun.
    Anyway , I'm glad the Lord has taken me in this direction , I hope I will be able to serve Him well as a CMA member.

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Is being Fat a Sin ? in the forum.
    Doc wrote:
    It's been a while since anyone added to the debate on this topic. In it's time, it got just about more replies than any other issue that was put on the forum for discussion (63)! I came across this article in the weekly "" website, & thought it might be worth adding to the discussion. It contains some thoughtful Scriptural input on the subject of obesity, which is a big problem these days, & getting worse. Thought it might give y'all some "food for thought"!
    Question: "Is gluttony a sin? What does the Bible say about overeating?"

Answer: Gluttony seems to be a sin that Christians like to ignore. We are often quick to label smoking and drinking as sins, but for some reason gluttony is accepted or at least tolerated. Many of the arguments used against smoking and drinking, such as health and addiction, apply equally to overeating. Many believers would not even consider having a glass of wine or smoking a cigarette but have no qualms about gorging themselves at the dinner table. This should not be!

Proverbs 23:20-21 warns us, “Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat, for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags.” Proverbs 28:7 declares, “He who keeps the law is a discerning son, but a companion of gluttons disgraces his father.” Proverbs 23:2 proclaims, “Put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony.” 

Physical appetites are an analogy of our ability to control ourselves. If we are unable to control our eating habits, we are probably also unable to control other habits, such as those of the mind (lust, covetousness, anger) and unable to keep our mouths from gossip or strife. We are not to let our appetites control us, but we are to have control over our appetites. (See Deuteronomy 21:20, Proverbs 23:2, 2 Peter 1:5-7, 2 Timothy 3:1-9, and 2 Corinthians 10:5.) The ability to say “no” to anything in excess—self-control—is one of the fruits of the Spirit common to all believers (Galatians 5:22).

God has blessed us by filling the earth with foods that are delicious, nutritious, and pleasurable. We should honor God's creation by enjoying these foods and by eating them in appropriate quantities. God calls us to control our appetites, rather than allowing them to control us.

    (Courtesy of "")

    Very well said Doc ,
    Love those bible verses . It's true , we look at people who smoke , drink , gamble and say: "Hey , don't do that, it's a sin" , while we ourselves are sinning by gorging on food instead of just eating what we need to survive on. The bible warns us of this in Matthew 7:3 "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye" ?
    Most times it is easier for us to look at other peoples sin , than to look in the mirror at our own sins and faults .
    I could use your prayers in helping me to lose some weight . I could stand to lose 20-25 pounds . ( I'm 6 foot , 4 inches tall and weigh 240 lbs )

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  • events lukaspodolski added a new event, Packers And Movers
  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Doc wrote:
    Hi there JT,
    Checked out the pictures --- some real nice scenery up there in the Bighorns, although I don't think I would be risking the Harley on those trail roads --- they look to be a bit challenging for any bikes not equipped for off-road work! You've certainly branched out in choosing your roads to ride since you got rid of the Gold Wing --- must have opened up a whole new area for you to explore this past year. Glad you had the company of the CMA riders for those recent rides ---- Good company on a ride can turn a good ride into a memorable one! Enjoy the rest of the riding season & ride safe!
    God Bless ---- Doc.

    Hi Doc ,
    This was a CMA "Roads and Trails" event . They had Paved roads for Street motorcycles , dirt roads and trails for Dual Sport , Adventure and Dirt Bike motorcycles , and some rough 2 track routes for ATV's . So there was something for everyone at this event.
    I don't ride the rough dirt roads or trails , just the maintained dirt roads . We really enjoy this motorcycle over the Goldwing . It's given us a lot more places to ride and explore.
    Post some pictures of your next ride , I'd love to see them.

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Good afternoon folks ,
    Last weekend we had our first ever CMA Bighorn Mountains Roads and Trails Event. We had 55 from people from different states register for the event and we had a real good time. Here are some pictures from the event. Can't wait for next years.

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Doc wrote:
    Hi JT,
    That was a great ride you had, & I enjoyed looking at the photographs too ---- Plenty of open space around you up there, & I bet you didn't have to worry too much about the traffic!
    Did anyone actually live in those deserted cabins up there on the hills, or were they just for summer use when folks were looking after cattle? --- Just wondering. Must have been a hard life if they lived up there in winter!!
    Hope you are enjoying your 18th Wedding anniversary today! Time goes past so quickly, so make the most of it & enjoy the ride!
    God Bless --- Doc.

    There sure is a lot of open space out here Doc , Wyoming is the Least Populated State in America . While riding the dirt roads we seen 3 cattle trucks ( ranchers were branding cows and shipping cattle that day ) and 2 pickup trucks . That's it , that's all the traffic we encountered while riding the back country dirt roads ( well , unless you count the herds of cattle that were in the road every now and then and Cowboys on horseback ) . That's why I love riding them so much . Plus the scenery is mush better . We had never been on this road before and it took us up into Montana . There were plenty of dirt roads off of that to explore to , but that's for another day . In the spring and fall we explore the dirt country roads out on the prairie and in summer we explore the dirt roads in the mountains . It's nice to ride up there where it's a lot cooler in the summer .
    The old log cabins were Ranchers homes at one time. That's what people lived in on the prairie way back when . We came across a few of them , but I don't stop to often to take pictures . Wish I had a GoPro camera for the bike .
    These are some picture my wife and I took at the Outlaw Cave in Wyoming . It's where the famous outlaw "Hole In The Wall Gang" with Butch Cassidy and the Sundace Kid hid out . ( ) . There is tons of History in Wyoming to explore and it's my wife and I's favorite thing to do .
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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes Doc ,
    I had a great ride with my wife today . We found this old dirt road and got ourselves lost . Lucky for me , we brought along our GPS and made it home okay .
    Seen people on horseback rounding up cattle and branding them , seen plenty of deer and antelope , Bald Eagles and Hawks , cows and long horn steers in the middle of the dirt road , old log cabin range homes ... It was an awesome birthday.
    We stopped a couple times to rest and I took a couple pictures .
    Blessings my friend.

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Good morning on ya ,
    Doc , glad your weather is improving and your getting some riding in , that's always good for the soul . Good to hear your church services are also doing well . It is fun to see how different countries have their church services . I spend a fair amount of time watching Adventure Riding Video and on Adventure Riding Facebook pages . I love to see how other countries ride and enjoy motorcycling . And if there is one thing I learned is that in most countries the people are very friendly and helpful .
    Well , tomorrow ( May 25th ) is my birthday . My wife bought me a pair of Moto Skiveez and I'm going to test them out over this Memorial Day weekend . I will report back on Monday or Tuesday with a review of them .
    Sunday May 25th is also my wife and I's 18th wedding anniversary . I love her more now then the day we met . The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful woman , wife and best friend , and I couldn't be happier or more grateful .
    Hope everyone here at is doing well . May God Bless You All .

    Read More... 155 days ago
  • Please remember Pastor Saeed in your prayers today. He has been in an Iranian prison since 9/26/12 for his Christian faith. He is an AMERICAN citizen, husband and father. The Obama administration refuses to do anything to secure his release. Today Naghmeh (his wife) will be sharing her testimony and experiencing God faithfulness in our trials during a conference called Awakening . Please pray for
    groups.wall 172 days ago
  • Beemer added 6 new photos in NE Mo. RFS 2014 album
    • RFS2014-2
    • RFS 2014-6
    • RFS 2014-5
    • RFS 2014-4
    • RFS 2014-3
    Where we ended our RFS ride this year.
    Mark Twain Lake View larger map
    photos 173 days ago View location
  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Good morning folks ,
    Yesterday the local CMA held their annual "Run for the Son" ride . We started out here in Sheridan , Wyoming and rode to Leiter , WY to meet up with CMA members from the Gillette , Wyoming area . While in Leiter , Wy , a round of prayers was said and every motorcycle was blessed . Then we rode to Buffalo , WY for lunch at the Dash Inn and back to Sheridan , WY . We had about 20 motorcycles and 2 cars . On of the guys on a Harley had a Transmission failure and had to be trailered home . We enjoyed meeting new people and talking with them , and we had a very nice time .
    I didn't think my wife and I were still members of the CMA because shortly after we joined the CMA ( in April of 2005 ) our local chapter fizzled out . I found out yesterday that we are still active CMA members .
    Hope your all doing well . May God Bless You all .

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